Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Place

Moved in to a new place, with some-old and some-new faces. They're kind, and nice, and sweet. (They even gave a birthday cake last 11/11 in celebration of my 19th birthday last 11/10!)
Room I, Fourth floor, St. James Place, corner Piy Margal - dela Fuente, Sampaloc, Manila.
Two weeks and two days. So far, we're good. I am hoping that this moving thing will bring us and what's between us into something more ideal, something more of reality.

Overall, I am happy with this moving. And I HOPE! I REALLY DO HOPE that this enthusiasm in studying my lessons will last until the end of the semester. Hindi yung umpisa lang. Hahaha!

Visit me there! Hihi! :>

*kisses* :*