Thursday, November 23, 2017

gabi-gabi dilemma

Posting from my iPhone with a poor image quality photo. Haha
I don't want to post a story in Facebook Messenger or Instagram anymore.
Sabe ko diet and tipid ako para pag alis may ipon na ako but here I am..

Veranda blues.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola Twin Hike plus Bayukbok Cave 1

14 Nov '17
First day of my 2-day holiday vacay. 

This is my very first hike and I am not fully prepared. Haha! (typical pag biglaan natutuloy)
We hiked Mt. Manalmon first, it took us around an hour to reach the summit, we took longer than other cos almost all of us are first timers.
The trek was not very difficult (also Mt. Manalmon was suited for beginners) the problem was because of the rain from few days ago, it's wet and slippery.

Half way to summit
Flare Hug! as if the mountain's deity knew that I needed one.
Mt. Manalmon's Summit
Smile! for the photo opt

Crossed rivers like 5 times. To-and-from Mr. Manalmon and to-and-from Mt. Gola.
The highest part was like just above my knees, there are part where the current was strong and I almost got dragged. The water is very, very clear and cold that you'll want to drink it. It's very refreshing to wash your face and also a lot of hikers are also bathing in different parts of the river.

Di kaya ng beachwalk ang lakas ng current bes?
The trek to Mt. Gola was more difficult than Mt. Manalmon. It's assault and there's also a part where you'll have to pull and support yourself with the rope to be able to climb.
Thank you Woozy (Han-yu's new name that we gave Haha! Woozy from SEVENTEEN) for giving me support and instructing me when Kuya Jojo (our guide) was busy helping the others in the back.
The only peaceful part of the trek to Mr. Gola
Mt. Gola's summit
Agnes dance x Woozy's pa cute face
Not brave enough to sit comfy
Hi! Are you well?
Bayukbok Cave, the cave has two routes, Bayukbok Cave I and II.
Two in our team didn't came down the cave with us until the last minute cos they're not feeling well.
It's best to tell the guide if you are not feeling well enough and it's best to back down early cos once you go down the cave, there's no turning back.
We took the Bayukbok Cave I, btw. Also, FYI, there are no safety equipment, flashlights only that you could rent but it's better if you bring one. (tipid tipid din)
The cave have a lot very dangerous parts where you could only rely on yourself and look for a stable spot to hold on and to step on cos the other side is a cliff where you wouldn't want to fall. You will have to hold and hug cold-muddy rocks, you will also have to crawl from a hole to get on the other side, so you will seriously get dirty. Be prepared to take a bath after. (banlaw muna sa ilog bes para tipid sa tubig)
Yup. Came down from up there with nothing but a piece of wood and rope with knots
Didn't know someone captured this. Haha!
Look at that clean butt. Cave adventure was just getting started!
Before finishing the cave route.
I forgot the name of our second guide who helped me a lot. huhu (kuya in blue on the left side)
Don't have a lot of photos in the cave cos we're all busy enough with ourselves.
Leave nothing in the mountains and take nothing but photos and memories
It was such a great experience!
Thank you to our two guides in the Bayukbok cave!
Now I know why people love hiking so much.
Even though my feet got a lot of wounds (talk about accidents) and aching thighs (rn), laban pa rin!

Let's give back to nature! What's next to conquer?

'10.11.17' 0220


I almost said a lot of things, almost.
I didn't knew pressing the 'send' icon could be so hard.
Maybe it's my message for you that's meant not to be sent.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Everyone's getting their title, old schoolmate, college friends even those little kid from few years ago in our neighborhood and here I am, trolling and sh*t*ng with life.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

I didn't even know that I can love hip-hop and reggae as much as I love alternative rock!
Cheers to music!

P.S. no matter what language, music is music ღ