Thursday, October 31, 2013

Greetings, Gubs!

Happy 21ST Birthday my dear payatot-no-more. Hihi :P
Eeew! You're so old na talaga. Hoho >:)

I wanna give you my warmest greeting with a BIG, BIG hug! :)
*yung libre ko ha?*

God bless you always and the Guballa Clan :)
No matter what the situation or the weather is, I am always here for you. 
And I may not say, but I love you, always. :*
Tumataba ka na, keep it up! ;)

Ayoko mag-drama. Baka mabasa mo eh KILIGIN KA PA. HAHAHAHA X)

from my HS Graduation.
Do you remember? :">

from Bataan 2011 
Pulong Buhangin Fiesta 2013

I remember these. You're wearing my shirt 'cos we've been soaked by the rain!
I'll always remember these 'cos running in the rain was so fun with you! :D

my 18TH
While watching John Tucker Must Die :P
PhilBanda workshop
Hoho :D

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


At long last! Semestral break is here! \m/
Though it's only two weeks. Duuuh! Hahaha!

My original plan for the first-day-of-sem-break is to jog! But, but, but... 
Here's what happened..

My last exam was Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 6-7:30PM. I departed at 12NN! Early bird? NO!
I went to a shopping galore. Mwehehe. After the exam, I did not went home straight! *medyo pasaway* Hahaha! I got home by 5AM today. Boom! Hahaha :D

So it's only 10AM and I don't have any plan of wasting this day sitting in front of the computer and doing nothing productive. So bye for now! I still need to do something for my "NEW" inspiration. :)

*hugs and kisses* :*

Thursday, October 03, 2013

It's October!

Hello guys! How are you?
It's the 10th month of the year already.
So fast! Isn't it? :)
But let me still greet you!

And oh, before I forgot...
 May this month be awesome to all of us!

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