Friday, December 27, 2013

Teardrops in the Rain

I wished upon a star, I wonder where you are, I wish you come back to me again.
I see the days go by, I sooner wonder why, I wonder why it has to be this way? Why can’t I have you here, just like it used to be.
I don’t know which way to choose. I cannot find a way to go home. I don’t know if I can come home without you.
Even in my heart still beating just for you. I really know you are feeling like I do. And even if the sun is shining over me, how come I still freeze?

No one ever sees, no one ever feel the pain. I shed teardrops in the rain.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gimme The World

Aside from YOU, all I want is the world. Inside the books. HOHOHO

*ehem* The Fault In Our Stars
Looking For Alaska
Divergent #1
Delirium (Divergent #2)
The Alchemist

I have a wishlist but since I didn't bother to post them, here are some of them. Hoho.
I am not looking forward of receiving these because no one would know and bother to. WHY I still post these? BECAUSE I CAN. (CG, baby is that you? Haha)
I just want to. :P

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I don’t know if I can still do this. I hate this. I hate my feelings. It just won’t give me a goddamn peaceful rest. Is there any night that I don’t have to weep myself to sleep? This is just tiring. It tires me. This life I got. I want you near. To watch you sleep. To hold you. Hug you. I can, literally, but I won’t. L

Everything confuses me. I am a self-admitted pessimistic pathetic person but look, my friends, what you’ve done! You’re all pulling me up. Pulling my hopes up. I know you’re just being nice but I think, I loved and miss and wanting to be that pessimistic lass I am before. I need to be like that again, I guess.

Darling can you share me your secret? How can you be that strong, after everything? Aren’t you affected anymore? That fast? I bet not! Seriously speaking, how can you do that? We’re on the same perimeter, not fifty meters away of radius, and act like I don’t exist? Like my presence is just like the air? Barely felt. Like all is well? I approached you the nicest way that I think I can. You casually talked to me and I feel that you don’t really like to have a chat with me, if that’s what your actions are conveying, okay, I got it. So I fucked off. I laid, nakedly, my questions to you but what did you gave me? You almost laugh. You made fun of me. (Or at least that how I accept your reaction) My freaking fucking gosh! I need answers. I want answers. You don’t know how hard I’d suffered to  stop myself to walk to you. To hug you. Ugh.

I am not mad. It’s just… just… I miss you. L

Season's Greetings!

Hello dear! Merry Christmas to you and your beloved ;)

May the spirit of Christmas fill our hearts!

Christmas is not always about gift giving, having new clothes, new shoes and plenty of foods but being thankful of what we have. Christmas is not about material things but the spirit of love.
The birth of our savior! 

Happy Birthday dear Jesus! ♥♥♥

Spread LOVE. XOXO :*

Monday, December 23, 2013

It’s 1:45 in the morning, December 23. I can hardly sleep, as usual. Why do I expect from myself, eh?
     I just finished the last episode of 5th Season of The Big Bang Theory. I started a marathon from Saturday (December 21st) from the last episode of Season 3 and I just finished now. Season 5’s The Werewolf Transformation is my favorite episode of all time! It is really hilarious! Hohoho! I went crazy with Dr. Cooper! (as always! He never fails me) You must see sit, sweetie. (Penny style)
Uhm, finally. I managed to pull myself out of my room since I got home last Friday midnight. With this horribly fat-looking face that I got from my tooth infection! Darn weak teeth! Darn. Darn. Darn it! I really hate this. All I want is a good set of pebbly teeth. L *Deep sigh* Anyways, we had our annual Christmas slash reunion party! Not in Manila this time. Thanks God for that! Hahaha!
(Photo will be uploaded soon!)
Look at my face! I looked like Mr. Grimm, right? Hahahahaha!
Later, by the pre-evening (it was made by Dr. Sheldon Cooper, it is the time between afternoon and evening, pre-evening), me, my sister-in-law and nephew decided to attend the Simbang Gabi and also to watch KB 11 on the flash mob! And there! Dang with a capital d. I miss them! Especially this skinny conductor they got in front! He was wearing this smile that says ‘hey-look-I’m-so-proud-to-be-with-this-band’, he looks so happy with what he does and gosh! I can’t refrain from smiling! I stood there, at the side, with a plastered grin on my face. (Imagine my Mr. Grimm’s face!) Hahahaha! The mass went well, I might say. It is the first mass that I attended held by the newly assigned priest to our place. He is very humorous! I like him already.
“By the evening of life, you will be judged on love alone.”

“To seek not the easiest, but the most difficult.”- St. John of the Cross December 23, 2013 2:30AM

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Goodreads | The Bookworm Site

Love reading books? This is the perfect site to track, post book reviews and have a virtual library of the books you've read and want to read! What could you even ask for more, right? :)

Photo from
If you want to visit the site, you can simply click here!
Start tracking your books and know what's hot to read! Interact with the other bookworms by joining different groups like ♥Teen Romance♥ which is one of the two groups I've joined. You can also follow reviews and updates from your favorite authors! (If he/she is a Goodreads author).

Be my Goodreads friend! Visit my profile! :)
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You can also go on your android phone!
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I'll be waiting for your reviews, bookworms!

bounce back

I am so affected that it aches all the time. But, is this fair? HA!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hey there!
I know there are FEWWWWW who still read this blog after being quite silent for a long time.
And since I know that by now, there's no one to read this it is safe for me to vent all the things I am keeping in this tiny organ at the left portion of my chest.
So I am going to flood this with my postsssss!

Oh honey. I'm sorry I do suck. :<

two things - this girl

It is so fresh that I don't want to talk about it. But, don't I really want?

There are two things that I fear the most for this day to come.. two things that I, myself, build..
First, I don't know how and I don't even want to think about, thinking/seeing him holding somebody else in his arms.. wrapping his arms around her body..
I dreamed of seeing this girl wearing a very lovely white gown walking down the aisle wearing the sweetest smile she could ever wear.. she's looking at him with pure love.. I always have dreamed of that.
And last thing, the thing I fear the most... I can't see this girl with somebody else in the future.
It is frightening, right? When you can't see a clear vision of yourself (this girl), at least, 10 years from now.

I think I know this girl! Or I wish, I really know her. I have seen her! Where?

In my mirror.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013



I was thinking why are there guys and men that take their girl for granted? And how many girls are being treated this way? If we would consider the saying “There’s a woman behind every successful man.” there would be billion of girls are working their asses off. But the question is HOW MANY OF THESE GIRLS ARE GIVEN PROPER CREDITS?

LADIES! Taken for granted, have you ever been? How does it feel? Especially when you are giving your very, very, very best in everything that you do for that dumbass shitty guy? I know the feeling is horrible, and I am giving my sincere apathy. But how long do you plan to endure the feeling and the situation? Are you really happy, huh?

To the dominant specie, but I don’t know if you are really deserving.. why have a girlfriend and hide her? Are you ashamed of her? Why have her as your girlfriend in the first place? I really hate people like that. Don’t you know how much you can make her happy by simply looking proud to have her? I bet you don’t. And YOU SUCK!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Place

Moved in to a new place, with some-old and some-new faces. They're kind, and nice, and sweet. (They even gave a birthday cake last 11/11 in celebration of my 19th birthday last 11/10!)
Room I, Fourth floor, St. James Place, corner Piy Margal - dela Fuente, Sampaloc, Manila.
Two weeks and two days. So far, we're good. I am hoping that this moving thing will bring us and what's between us into something more ideal, something more of reality.

Overall, I am happy with this moving. And I HOPE! I REALLY DO HOPE that this enthusiasm in studying my lessons will last until the end of the semester. Hindi yung umpisa lang. Hahaha!

Visit me there! Hihi! :>

*kisses* :*

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Greetings, Gubs!

Happy 21ST Birthday my dear payatot-no-more. Hihi :P
Eeew! You're so old na talaga. Hoho >:)

I wanna give you my warmest greeting with a BIG, BIG hug! :)
*yung libre ko ha?*

God bless you always and the Guballa Clan :)
No matter what the situation or the weather is, I am always here for you. 
And I may not say, but I love you, always. :*
Tumataba ka na, keep it up! ;)

Ayoko mag-drama. Baka mabasa mo eh KILIGIN KA PA. HAHAHAHA X)

from my HS Graduation.
Do you remember? :">

from Bataan 2011 
Pulong Buhangin Fiesta 2013

I remember these. You're wearing my shirt 'cos we've been soaked by the rain!
I'll always remember these 'cos running in the rain was so fun with you! :D

my 18TH
While watching John Tucker Must Die :P
PhilBanda workshop
Hoho :D

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


At long last! Semestral break is here! \m/
Though it's only two weeks. Duuuh! Hahaha!

My original plan for the first-day-of-sem-break is to jog! But, but, but... 
Here's what happened..

My last exam was Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 6-7:30PM. I departed at 12NN! Early bird? NO!
I went to a shopping galore. Mwehehe. After the exam, I did not went home straight! *medyo pasaway* Hahaha! I got home by 5AM today. Boom! Hahaha :D

So it's only 10AM and I don't have any plan of wasting this day sitting in front of the computer and doing nothing productive. So bye for now! I still need to do something for my "NEW" inspiration. :)

*hugs and kisses* :*

Thursday, October 03, 2013

It's October!

Hello guys! How are you?
It's the 10th month of the year already.
So fast! Isn't it? :)
But let me still greet you!

And oh, before I forgot...
 May this month be awesome to all of us!

Photo credits:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1. Got sick
2. Lost my 'other half'
3. Been robbed last Sept. 22
4. Sick again

This loneliness is killing me. Seriously. Ugh!

Five years ago I entered a relationSHIT. Me and my partner both know that.
Having a relationship knowing you can't have each other for the rest of your life made me promise myself that once I have a serious relationship (a true one), I will take care of it to the best of what I can do, just to keep the relationship because I know the feeling of loving someone but you can't have them.
But what now? Did I just broke my promise? I don't believe that 100% of promises are made to be broken but now, hmm, let me think of that.
I think I hate myself now :(

Monday, September 23, 2013


Ang hirap ng walang privacy. Syet.. -nikzflores on Twitter

Because I feel that I'm losing my privacy already. Hahaha!
That's the problem when you have your Facebook and Twitter accounts on public.
I've been receiving notifications from Facebook saying "xxx" is now following you since the other day and tweeps, aside from my known followers, keep on retweet-ing and favorite-ing my tweets.
And also, there's this certain guy who tweet-ed me "Oi!"so I replied "No offense meant. Kilala po ba kita? Hahaha!" (No offense meant, but do I know you?) he said "Hindi. Pero ikaw, kilala kita! Hahaha!" (No. But I know you!) Jesus! He's creepy! Hahaha! Stalker ang peg? Hahaha.
There's nothing special about me so I don't get why I feel like one. #FeelerAlert :P
Seriously speaking, I don't know why I have this feeling that I'm catching attention this past days, and it's not good because I'm enjoying it! This is noooo good.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm Hungry

I'm starving. I only had Sky Flakes and water for breakfast by 5am and its already 11:30 and I'm starving to death. I had a bad day starter.
So I'm in Jollibee Lepanto. Waiting for my order. Then it was served, just Chicken at Spag. I want pasta eh.
Pero ni hindi ko napangalahati yung food ko. I want to eat more but I feel like puking!
Pauwi na ako.. napadaan ako sa Siomai House sa Avenida... (I love siomai) naamoy ko yung nilulutong siomai.. muntik na kong masuka! T___T
Babe, wag mo naman akong pahirapan masyado :(

Saturday, September 21, 2013

So... We Broke Up

Minutes after the conversation ended I received a text message from 2933704...
"Mistakes make me human. Failure makes me stronger. Love keeps me alive. But it's YOU who keeps me smiling."
I may not be able to smile so bright like before but I will find a way. It's not like that this break-up doesn't mean anything nor affects me in anyway, it does but I have to hold my grounds and keep my world moving. It is not necessary that when you let go of the person you love and cherish means you no longer love and cherish him but instead you are strong enough to accept the fact that you no longer meets his needs and maybe, just maybe, are not the reason of his happiness.
I don't know if I am ready and if I can handle this sudden break-up. So good Lord, help me.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sleepless nights

I have been experiencing this for many nights now, nights of not having good sleep. I stay wide awake staring at the ceiling of my room, all blank. Hahaha.! There is the saying "When you can't sleep at night, you are awake in someone else's dream" so if you could let me sleep, that will be great! lol Kiddin'! :P
Who would be dreaming about me anyway? And speaking of dreams, hey boy! You've been the constant star of my dreams! So I bet you are not having good sleeps too, right? Mehehe.
I love dreaming about you, it is the reason of my first smile of the day so please, just let me dream about you. Okay? ;) I am hoping that my dreams are the signs, eh? Haha! I am still trying to be positve. Haaaaaay. I don't know where to stand and what I am going to say so I guess playing safe is best choice I've got.  Compromise is the key! I hope this day, 27th of August will be great for you. Seize the day! ;)

lotsa love!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sanity, where were you?

I think I've lost my sanity.
Because I don't wanna cry, at least not in front of other people, I have this ear-to-ear grin.
I'm grinning for no apparent reason. XD
Here's some of my photos...

That's not me, took it from :)

Life is though, but I can still smile XD

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Please Do Not Read

I said please do not read.

Oooh,  seriously?

Hard headed huh?

Crap. Okay.

I woke up from my nap this morning feeling sick. Tummy and head feels like swelling.
I'm asking myself why the hell that this is the only time that I realize how my attitude is going?
I've been a nagger and tactless bitch. Yes, that's how I feel and how I see myself every time I close my eyes
and play the flashbacks at the back of my mind. I keep on tactlessly speaking about the things that he does
that I don't like or I don't feel like. Sometimes, I ask myself 'is this person numb?' that he can't feel what I
want to happen while as I picture things this time, I am the numb once. Numb enough to make things like this.
Maybe because this person doesn't speak much so I thought, unconsciously,
that it is alright if I say anything I  wanna say forgetting that this person has feelings too.
This seriously saddens me. Even though I badly want to come to this person and hug him, I can't. I want to
give him the time he needs, the time for himself. I wish upon the rain, 'cos there's no stars, that he will
think and weigh things right. I wish that he would think about every single moment that we shared most specially
those bad times that made the bond between us strong.
I am devotedly praying that the bond between us is that strong to save us and everything between us.

Hey! If you're able to read this, I wanna say sorry. It may be not enough but if you'll give us a chance I think we
could compromise naman 'di ba? and try my best to adjust.


Your bitch girlfriend.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Latepost | New Hair Style

Hello fellas! Have you been well? If you're going to ask me, well, I'm mighty fine! :)
This post actually should have been made almost a month now but busy schedules just won't let me :(
I wanna share with you guys my current hair style!
I decided to cut my hair not because I'm depress, like everybody's asking, or having a big problem. I just completed the courage to have this hair style after two long years!

Hair care by David's Salon ; a senior male stylist which I forgot the name :p

Selcas immediately after the 'ritual'


Some recent selcas

And my inspiration!
Ryu Hwa Young!
Former member of girl group T-Ara
Seems like everybody is teasing me by calling me Charice P. or Daniel P. and even Ellen D.!
Hahaha! :P
The only difference with our hair is that the side of my hair is quiet longer than her's. :)

So what can you say guys? 
Many said that is suits me well, do you agree? :D

8.18.'13 3:20AM

We hurt each other and we both know that. You, hurting me that way is not an enough reason for me to turn my back on you and me hurting you this way, I hope, is not a reason for you to leave me behind. I hate you being coward. Do you now that you are the reason, still, why I sometimes choose to shut up when I'm feeling troubled? It is you. I am afraid because you always think that you are a useless life partner, useless boyfriend and the only thing that you gave me is heartaches and THOSE ARE BIG LIES! I don't want to see this relationship on the rocks so I am doing the very best that I can... I am happy that I can feel your love for me, you know what I mean. :p
You know, I also have issues with myself. I am sorry for inflicting pain on you. Mianhae ;(

P.S I remember the time when you sang me Beautiful In My Eyes. I wish we can always be like that, after solving problems, we're better and we're stronger.

P.P.S I love you 

Friday, August 09, 2013

3 Things, Be Happy!

Many people are suffering from emotional and physical pain. They forgot to appreciate things around them and how blessed they are, people focus on how to be "in" and listen to what people around them are saying, but they forgot to listen what their hearts are saying.

Because it won't make your life any better!
It's like doing things that makes YOU happy not what makes OTHER people happy :)

Disclaimer: Photo credits from

Saturday, August 03, 2013

ROMWE Summer Sale Top Picks

Here are some of my picks from ROMWE's Summer Sale!

Self-tied Dual-tone Lace Floral Shirt
This is also ate Gen-zel's pick, well, I can't question her. It's pretty, isn't it?
Love the flower patterns!

Green Rose Pink Plaid Coat
I have only 1 cardigan which I haven't used yet because I think it's difficult to find a terno.
I love that coat (above), and I think I will be needing that soon ;)

ROMWE "The Simpsons" Print Yellow Leggings
Simpsons, Yong Hwa, Simpsons, Yong Hwa :))

ROMWE Sesame Street Elmo Print Black Leggings
Elmo! Love :*

Rolled-cuffs Blue Floral Shorts
I love shorts, honestly. Not because I want to show my legs but because I am very much comfy wearing it. I love the floral design. It's so girly! Haha!

Pleated High Waist Black Slim Skirt
I don't wear skirts much, but I'm very glad to have this one, just this one :)
Hey! I'm a rock star! \m/

"Tiger Head" Tank Dress

Sheer Top Sequined Dress
As you notice, I really love wearing black because black looks good on me :)
Splicing Oval Pendant Necklace
I love this. It looks so elegant :)

And good Lord knows how much I love to have a necklace like this!
I have been looking for this for so long!
Hollow Brass Plates Layered Necklace

Shop at ROMWE now! Sale until August 5th!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

7.29 thought

The important thing is not to 
be bitter over life's disappointments.
Learn to let go of the past, and recognize
that every day won't be sunny. And
when you find yourself lost in the 
darkness of despair, remember, it's only
in the black of night that you see the stars,
and those stars lead you back home 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

7.28 thought

Some walls can be broken down,
climbed over, or chipped away;
but the hardest ones to conquer are
the ones that guard a person's soul

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why So Beautiful?

Disclaimer: I don't own any photos in this post. Credits to Google and Ariana Grande's Facebbok fan page.

Either Red or Brown hair, she's so beautiful! *u*
And her dimples, OhMyGod! Hahahaha :))))

I don't know why pero basta na ELIBS ako eh. HAHAHA :D

Who doesn't love her anyway? :)