Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1. Got sick
2. Lost my 'other half'
3. Been robbed last Sept. 22
4. Sick again

This loneliness is killing me. Seriously. Ugh!

Five years ago I entered a relationSHIT. Me and my partner both know that.
Having a relationship knowing you can't have each other for the rest of your life made me promise myself that once I have a serious relationship (a true one), I will take care of it to the best of what I can do, just to keep the relationship because I know the feeling of loving someone but you can't have them.
But what now? Did I just broke my promise? I don't believe that 100% of promises are made to be broken but now, hmm, let me think of that.
I think I hate myself now :(

Monday, September 23, 2013


Ang hirap ng walang privacy. Syet.. -nikzflores on Twitter

Because I feel that I'm losing my privacy already. Hahaha!
That's the problem when you have your Facebook and Twitter accounts on public.
I've been receiving notifications from Facebook saying "xxx" is now following you since the other day and tweeps, aside from my known followers, keep on retweet-ing and favorite-ing my tweets.
And also, there's this certain guy who tweet-ed me "Oi!"so I replied "No offense meant. Kilala po ba kita? Hahaha!" (No offense meant, but do I know you?) he said "Hindi. Pero ikaw, kilala kita! Hahaha!" (No. But I know you!) Jesus! He's creepy! Hahaha! Stalker ang peg? Hahaha.
There's nothing special about me so I don't get why I feel like one. #FeelerAlert :P
Seriously speaking, I don't know why I have this feeling that I'm catching attention this past days, and it's not good because I'm enjoying it! This is noooo good.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm Hungry

I'm starving. I only had Sky Flakes and water for breakfast by 5am and its already 11:30 and I'm starving to death. I had a bad day starter.
So I'm in Jollibee Lepanto. Waiting for my order. Then it was served, just Chicken at Spag. I want pasta eh.
Pero ni hindi ko napangalahati yung food ko. I want to eat more but I feel like puking!
Pauwi na ako.. napadaan ako sa Siomai House sa Avenida... (I love siomai) naamoy ko yung nilulutong siomai.. muntik na kong masuka! T___T
Babe, wag mo naman akong pahirapan masyado :(

Saturday, September 21, 2013

So... We Broke Up

Minutes after the conversation ended I received a text message from 2933704...
"Mistakes make me human. Failure makes me stronger. Love keeps me alive. But it's YOU who keeps me smiling."
I may not be able to smile so bright like before but I will find a way. It's not like that this break-up doesn't mean anything nor affects me in anyway, it does but I have to hold my grounds and keep my world moving. It is not necessary that when you let go of the person you love and cherish means you no longer love and cherish him but instead you are strong enough to accept the fact that you no longer meets his needs and maybe, just maybe, are not the reason of his happiness.
I don't know if I am ready and if I can handle this sudden break-up. So good Lord, help me.