Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27

On the 27th day of March ♥

Our own little way of celebrating another month of our REALationship. :P
Nothing extra ordinary, just having the time of bonding just like the good old times :)))
Eating ice cream (and ang daming tira, gusto nyo? ;p).. watching TV, uhm not really, the shows are so boring kasi. Hahaha :D I can't connect the DVD player with the TV on my room kasi, kainis. I wanna watch pa naman Last Exorcism Part II with mah Bibi. :3 So we went sleeping and wrestling. xD
Haaay, I miss my man! :))

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Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
He's gift for me :)
Got it on the 25th though
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Bibi and I 1
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Bibi and I 2
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Bibi and I 3
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
My dear
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Lovin' to smell me, eh? :p
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
the face! Haha!
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Hi, it's me! :)
Have you notice that my brows are newly shaped? Well, I have someone to do the job 'cos I can't. XD
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Oooops! I forgot to rotate first -__-
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Bibi with his gifts! :)))
2011, 2012 and 2013 Stitch-es from him!
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Photo Grid I
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Photo Grid II
Veronica Flores-Elmer Ruel Guballa
Photo Grid III
No need to say much because YOU know how much I love you!
Just wanna say how thankful I am that you're here with me every now and then.. sorry for being such an ass (sometimes)! Hahaha. XD And sorry for the dramas, you know, I'm a drama queen. :p

Happy Monthsary Bibi! *hugs and kisses with feelings* :""">

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pitch Slapped

I got pitch slapped!

Pitch Perfect baby ♥

So I've seen one of the cinemas I'm dyin' to see, Pitch Perfect. It's good! :)
I like Glee but this one's different 'coz it uses their real voice and I love it! :) 
There's no scene that I did not enjoy and it even made me giggle in some way. Hihi! :'>

Beca Mitchell portrayed by Anna Kendrick. Beca's look and aura, I love it, really! And also, she looks soooo young! :)
Her aura is fierce and strong but lovely! It looks like she's always sayin' "I'm gonna rock the town" :))
She's become a phenomena and quickly in her way up! Way to go Anna! :*

Chloe Beale (Brittany Snow) gosh! I so love her voice ♥
So sweet and lovely! And I liked Chloe's character. ;)

Aubrey Posen (Anna Camp) I hate that she looked years older than she really is! She really looks beautiful, young and carefree in their performance at the ICCA.
And well I think, she's suited for the role. :)
ooops! I almost forgot to mention that it's so gross when she blows when pressured! Hahaha x))

Fat Amy a.k.a Pitch Slapper! played by Rebel Wilson. I love her! HAHA :) She's funny and spontaneous. She also has the voice. :>

Stacie Conrad, the Sexy Soprano, portrayed by Alexis Knapp. I have a crush on her. mwahahaha :D
Though she's not given much attention, her face lingers in my mind. Hihi :"> I liked her being funny and she being sexual in nature but less those act of touching herself. mwehehehe ;p

Adam DeVine's role Bumper Allen I got irritated with him making faces and he's stupidity! Haha! Uhm, if I'm a member of Treblemakers, I'd kick his ass. Imagine, he just left the group without thinking of the group's forthcoming events. He's got big head and he's so selfish, I hate Bumper. Anyways, he added color to the movie. He's really funny by nature. :) Lastly,

Jesse Swason (Skylar Astin) he's got the voice! Hell, yeah! He's outgoing and extroverted. I'd be glad to meet a man like him. *winks* ;)

Haven't watched it yet? Get pitch slapped!

Pitch Perfect 2!

Disclaimer: Photos from brother google :p

Beca crush :D
The Barden Bellas on ICCA
Stacie dear 
The Treblemakers
Hana Mae Lee
Pitch Perfect Meme
mwehehe ;p

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Mr. Tan,

I know, I know. You won't be able to see this. And that's the point why I decided to put it here. Mehehe.
Can you please go online and accept my request? HAHA. So eager, I am. :P
I am really found of your cute, cute face! Know why? That's because you really looks like my baby Minmin! I'm an Eyesmiles anyways! :'> #boicehere
It's first year first sem when I first saw you. So many first huh? ;)
Nathaniel Flores, my seatmate happened to be a common friend of us and he sometimes, most of the time rather, uses my phone to text you but he immediately deletes whatever he's sent you. Later on, I asked him for your number and he gave me, generously. Maybe because he know that I have a li'l crush on you! But sad to say, I didn't have enough courage to text you. Mehehe. :P So please, I really want to be friend with you and I thought that being Facebook friends isn't a bad choice for a start. I'm looking forward of getting the notification that you accepted my request. ;)


Disclaimer: I personally own all the photos.
 Too lazy to put personal watermarks. Haha :)

Full body mirror shot
DORM nila :D
I'm gonna miss this filthy room :)
Basil and Kicko's bedrooom
At the entrance. So messy!
Basil's doodle at the wall :)))
It's cute :D
No Accounting class! Yey! ;)
I've been with my bed for days. Darn sickness 
And this is what welcome me when I entered the dorm!
HAHAHA. My oh-so sexy boyf! With only his boxers on! xD
Wonder how I did entered the building? Whose fingerprint I used? Hmm >:)
Last school day for the 2012-2013 second semester selca!
Another ;)
Photo grid : 40+ Instagram photo
My new display photo on Facebook but since I added some new friends, I changed muna. Baka hindi i-accept eh. Mehehe. :P

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Last night as I watch the seniors as they graduate makes me reminiscence my graduation day. Gives me bitter sweet memories. For those who graduated with their both parents with them and even their siblings, you are so blessed! Two years ago, I attended my graduation. My sister is the only one with me. My mother was sick and was admitted at the hospital, days before, so she won't be able to make it. After I went to the stage, as part of the program, my sister told me that she needs to go to the hospital, I can't remember why but then I nod. I was expecting him to accompany me home. I've been texting him for more than 10 times and when I got his reply, I wanna beat the shit out of him! Guess what? He said that he can't because he's gone with Dora! Fvck them! HAHAHA. I literally felt like my knees turn like jelly. I can't help but to cry, cry, and cry. Since our section IV-Brown is the second to the last to have our graduation class picture. I dunno whether there's someone to accompany me home because if I'll be going home alone, that's kinda awkward.
But then I texted my kuya-kuyahan if he could send me home. After the class picture and I'm walking with my friends towards the entrance of the gymnasium, I saw him, he was standing there! And when he stretch his two arms to offer me a big bear hug, I ran to him and burst into tears. He accompany me home and he doesn't leave me when he's suppose to have a night-out with his high school buds!
He's always been special to me since I'm in Grade 6 and he in Second year high. And that's the start of the new book that we've open.
He's my kuya. He's my friend. He's my savior. He's he. And he's mine. ♥


criticize if you are better. If not, STFU - @jinri_88

Very well said Miss Park! ;))))

home alone

I'm home alone today. I have two houses to look after and a sick puppy. Yeah, poor Zac. :(
He catch colds. There's at least 5 medicines he's taking but he's not getting any better! :(
Anyways, this boredom is killing meeeeeee :|

I wanna go out. I wanna go somewhere.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I miss updating this! Just let Hell Week pass and let's get updates on!

One more week baby and it's over. Hooraaay! :>
Wish me luck in my upcoming exams, please ;)

I got a perfect score in my Final Examination in Humanities! \m/

Thanks to the person who reviewed me, even though I'm sooo lazy! Let's hide him in the name "Bibs" ;)

Monday, March 04, 2013


Got a quiet long list of cinemas to watch.

Safe Haven ♥
Hansel & Gretel
The Perks-Of-Being-A-Wallflower
I haven't watched it yet, such a loser! XD
Pitch Perfect baby
Die Hard 5
a.k.a A Good Day To Die Hard
Beautiful Creatures
He's still dead but getting warmer.. and more human!
I can't believe I missed this!



21 & Over!
Make me laugh!
From Up On Poppy Hill

BIG Wedding :)

Pain & Gain
Yes, I do watch cinemas like that.

and lastly.. most-wanted-to-see
The Last Exorcism Part II
Haven't watched The Exorcism and The Last Exorcism Part I yet. :(

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the photos used.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

I am not that head-over-heels with Coco Martin. But when I saw him yesterday.. gosh he's so handsome! :D
They're having their shoot for Juan Dela Cruz just outside of our school, I mean outside, in front of Lepanto gate. ;)

Disclaimer: I don't own the photos used, all of them are personally taken by Miss Ramos.

by EJ Ramos

by EJ Ramos

by EJ Ramos

Friday, March 01, 2013


Veronica Flores nail art

My newest nail art!
I think it is the best so far. Harhar!
I loved the first one I made myself but love this more.
Took me an hour though! HAHAHA :))

I used:
ALLUE's pink pastel for the base
SASSY GIRL's white nail art for the tips