Thursday, February 28, 2013


We celebrated our 21st month of relationship yesterday, February 27. Actually, we don't celebrate literally. Hahaha. :) Simply because it's a weekday and most specially, it's a Wednesday, a day that our schedules won't meet, eh? Haha. But since last Tuesday was a bang, I won't force or insist that we should meet.
Because I was so kilig, I wanna share what happened last Tuesday..
It's my vacant from 12nn to 3pm because we don't have our regular rehearsal since the theater's lobby was occupied, what I did was to take the quiz in my BST that I missed last Friday because I was late, darn traffic jam! I finished by 2pm and I really wanna go home, lock inside my room and sleep. I don't feel good. My head hurts, I feel dizzy and my right just so damn hurts. I was texting him by then. He told me that it's better if I'll go home na and he asks if there's someone who can accompany me home, but sadly, Micah already went home so there's no one could. It's already 3pm so I decided to attend my Humanities class, which I'm so lazy to attend maybe because it's an advance subject. Few minutes later, he texted me that he will just change clothes and maybe after 5 minutes or so, he said that he's on his way na. There, I told him that I already am inside the class, after that, I don't hear a thing from him. I thought that he might gone home to the dorm again, because it's only almost 3:30 and my class would end by 4:30. By past 4:00. I think, we are being dismissed by our professor and so I texted him, "Umuwi ka na ba?", I asked, then he replied "Dito ako sa recto gate".. I smiled at the thought, he waited for an hour for me, AGAIN! Akala ko, ihahatid nya lang ako hanggang sa bus station.. but to my surprise sasamahan nya na daw ako. :"> We both know how the heck the traffic in Bocaue exit is, so he said na kung sobrang traffic, pagdating sa Bocaue, babalik na s'ya and I agreed. So we're there, at Bocaue exit, and the traffic is beyond "long". And to my surprise again, he did not left me, I stayed quiet because I also don't want him to go. Mehehe. It's 7pm when we got home, I mean at our home, it's too late, I thought. Pero nag stay pa s'ya with me and decided to go back to Manila by 9pm. Pinigilan ko s'ya cos I'm worried eh, pero ayaw magpapigil kaya di ko na pinilit. Haha! He arrived at the dorm by 11pm.

What I wanna say is that I have a wonderful and caring and thoughtful and sweet and loving boyfriend that I'd never want to let go. I love you, Bibi dear! :)) ♥

Saturday, February 23, 2013

recent shots

I don't feel like uploading these in my Facebook account nor in my Picasa account, or at least, not yet. HAHAHA :)))

From my recent posts here it's palpable how much I love taking photos of my face. And YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING. HAHAHA :))) 

pa-sweet :">
Veronica Flores
I love that sleeping terno :)
Veronica Flores
Better and Stronger!
Veronica Flores

Veronica Flores :)
Veronica Flores lip bite!
Lip bite :p
Veronica Flores rawr :)
I wanna change my display photo in Facebook but I can't decide which one to choose. Hahaha :)
So would you mind to help me decide? ;)

Veronica Flores :)
picture collage :)
Veronica Flores :)
So what'd you think? ;)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Don't ruin everything sweetie.
Yung pagtitiis ko, konting-konti na lang. >:)

Uy Kilig!

He's not a man of flowers. He's not that type of guy.
Pero he gave me! I'm sure, I'll treasure this. ( baka di na maulit eh. HAHAHA )
Then he waited for me for an hour and a half outside the campus. He stand there holding the flowers.
What can I ask for? EFFORT men! It's the thought that counts naman.
Kahit na hindi s'ya yung ganung tipo ng boy, for me, he did it. Kyaaaaa~
Thank you so much Bibi! :"">
I Love You! :)))
Veronica FloresVeronica Flores
Veronica Flores

Veronica Flores 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day


Veronica Flores
c'mon. Morning smile! c:
ER Guballa
My man ;>
Happy Valentine Bibi! :)
Veronica Flores
CN Blue!
My bias band :">
Hope to see you on June :))))
Veronica Flores
And my bias...
Kang Min Hyuk chingu :">

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stephanie Retuya Made it to the finale of Asia's Next Top Model

Congratulations to Miss Stephanie Retuya!

Let's pray for Miss Retuya for the win. :))

Disclaimer: I don't own the photo used.
I've heard that Miss R has landed on the bottom two for five times at the weekly photo challenge but here she is. Kickin' some ass and proving herself to every people in Asia.
So fellow Filipinos out there, let's pray, vote and cheer for her! ;))

Inauguration of Emperador Stadium at McKinley Hill, The Fort

February 12, 2012 Inauguration of Emperador Football Stadium located at McKinley Hill, The Fort in Taguig.
We stand for more than an hour in the middle of the field and it's freakin' hot!
I'm really thirsty but when I saw Phil Younghusband, I forgot that I am thristy. HAHAHA!
But later on, we're all crying for water that turned to Funeral Water -____-
The field's left wing
The right wing
Jameela, Veronica Flores and Mica
Jameela, Me and Mica 
Jigs, Mica and Joshua
Jigs, Mica and Joshua
Jayson? No! That's Joshua, Mica then Me
Joshua or Jayson? HAHA :)
Kuya Glen
ME! Latest selca.
Modelling my brand new colored hair.
Jameela, Me and Mica @ the Venice, West McKinley, The Fort
Eevee, my French Horn
Yesterday's snacks. While watching Phil Younghusband :">
Tacos, a slice of sandwich, cherry tart pie, baked mac 'n cheese and I dunno that round with meat in the middle that I picked in the bouffet. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Catch me at McKinley Hills, The Fort, Taguig tomorrow!

Feeling artista lungs? HAHAHA :)))

I need to wake up at dawn for tomorrow's performance so goo-gooly-night! :))


First photo: taken over a year ago @ Luneta Park, Manila
Second photo: taken last, last Sunday 02/03/'13 @ Luneta Park, Manila

I've changed. My French Horn too! Everything changes. :)

I miss my short, anime-like hair from 2011. Darn! I want it back but I also don't want to cut my hair now. Bipolar me? HAHAHA And besides, sayang naman ang new hair color ko, Chestnut! :)
So yes, I got a new hair color last Saturday and it's Chestnut supposed to be red though. Ugh :(
Red is not available on the Salon I managed to go to so I settled with Chestnut. Maybe after a few months, I'll color it red. Hihihi. I really want my hair RED. :)
I'll post a new selca of my Chestnut hair maybe this weekend. ;)

My Frech Horn!
Formerly James, inspired by the name of Harlene's brother, James, now Eevee, a Pokemon! HAHAHA
My boyfie named it and I named his Trombone Totti :)
I love it! ;>

Saturday, February 09, 2013


Valentine's Day is only 5 days away.
For my Valentine's I don't want anything expensive. I don't want much. 
What I want this Valentine's is a love letter and flowers! Not a bouquet, three pieces will do but if you'll gimme a bouquet, it will be very much appreciated. Hihihi and ohh, white flowers please. ;)
My valentine is not a man of flowers so I guess, I have to dream on that I'll receive flowers from him. Hahaha!

just asking

Ano ba ang tawag sa taong salita ng salita tungkol sa isang bagay na hindi pa naman sila nakaka siguro?

Gusto ko lang malaman. :)

CN Blue on Music Bank

CN Blue's 4th mini album ranked no. 10 on the Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking and ranked no. 1 on the Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking.

Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

The buy-back issue was settled. It is not true that FNC music is making a buy-back on Re:Blue to make it no. 1 on the chart. Boices we're just inlove with the album because its tracklist is so good and on my own opinion CN Blue really deserve it, I mean, it is not impossible to outrun those big, big groups. Boices can do mass voting as well as mass buying. HAHA :))

So here's their performance on the Music Bank:
HYUNG's are doing push ups while signing and the MAKNAE's are loling HAHAHA :))

YongHwa oppa's push up is different with what JongHyun oppa's doing.
If you notice one of his foot is placed on the top of the other, that's what makes it harder.

And this is when YongHwa oppa stands up after doing the push up. Hahaha :)))
E-P-I-C! C;

Disclaimer: I don't own the video and the .gif image.

Thursday, February 07, 2013


So there, I missed it! I missed yesterday's event. Sta. Maria Town Fiesta's grand parade.
I'm with my band last year even though it's only in the afternoon, I'm still with them!
But yesterday I didn't able to make it. It is my midterm examinations in BMK at 11:30 at with my History at 15:00. I hate it! I really, really hate it! Maybe next, next semester, I won't get my BCO enrolled at an MWF sched. HAHAHA. :)
And I wanna shout to the world how my band performed yesterday. They are so damn good! I assure you! At the moment the video at the La Tore is posted, I'll share it here. And you must watch it.
I'm so proud of them all. The fruit of every sweat that we perspire is clearly seen. Good job, guise! I am so proud of you! ;)
Lastly, congratulations and thanks to Jayson, our assistant conductor, who is burning in fever but didn't let them so stand alone. You know how we thank you, Jay. We love you much so get well NOW. :))

Saturday, February 02, 2013

First of February

Hello February! Hello Love Month!
I had a very traumatic Love Month last year and I don't want this to be the same.

My February first was a blast! We had fun, like the good old times. And I think that it is a good sign that this February will be different - that this will be awesome! :))

I got my 4th Stitch yesterday from Mr. Guballa. Hihi. It's so cute! I'm gonna name him Chibi :">

Spread L-O-V-E ;) ♥


I am a killer and I'm gonna kill you! ;)

Disclaimer: Photo via Dolliecrave on tumblr


"I really love that song."

"I'm in love!"

"Let's make love."

There's a lot of talk about love. But what is it, really?

Love. According to psychologists, the most basic human need is to love and be loved. There is no power greater than love. It can motivate people to do things for others they wouldn't normally do.

Veronica Flores & Elmer Ruel Guballa 
But if love is such a beautiful thing, so essential to life, why is there so little of it in the world? The answer is simple. True love is more than a sentimental, gushy feeling. Love is a decision, a choice we can make.

The greatest demonstration of love is to give our life for the person we love. God did that. Even before we were born, He demonstrated His great love for us when He gave His only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins so we could have forgiveness and eternal life in Him. That is what love is. It gives, selflessly, even sacrificially. It unconditionally provides for the one that is loved.

This kind of love comes only from God. God's very being is love. When we rebel against God by setting up our own value system, rejecting his authority, we lose the very source of true love - God.
Away from its source, love becomes temporary. It becomes selfish and demanding. It takes, rather than gives.

God's love gives and forgives. It is constant, dependable, and lasting. it fulfills and it satisfies and deepest need.

When we connect with God, His love enables us to love others as He loves, even our enemies. We can love others without expecting or demanding in return.

This kind of love is for real. It can be ours when we connect with God through His son Jesus, then His love will flow freely through our hearts to others.

Source: Book of Hope for more good words you can visit their site!