Tuesday, January 29, 2013

She told me that if I wanna say something to her, I should say it to her face. Does she expect me to do it when she, herself, can't do it? I was shocked when I heard the news and even beyond shock when I saw that girl's post. I wanna return the question, does it make you pretty saying such? I dunno why they're acting like that when it comes to me. When I told her I'm sorry, I mean it and I already stopped stalking her from that moment. It seems that she's the one who's stalking now. Now is the only time, after asking for apology, that I speak about her. Everything that I posted or tweeted between the period has nothing to do with her! They seem to have a very, very, very wild imagination. Talking like I've put a cockroach on your food when in fact, you know nothing because it is not meant for you or your pals. I don't think you look like Dora. Do you have that short hair? And also, as stated in my tweet, "kung ano-ano kasing sinasabi mo tungkol sakin" if you felt guilty does it mean that you're saying things at my back? I don't want to fire up this cresset you've lighten up.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1051 Cavite Tour

First: Bonifacio's Trial House at Maragondon Cavite

Princess Privado and Danielle Estrada at Bonifacio's Trial House

Second: Mount Nagpatong
This is where Andres Bonifacio was assassinated. Mount Nagpatong is located at the foot of Mount Buntis.

Terry Pilarca, Anelle Cuasay, Nikka Anico and Nikka Flores at Mount Nagpatong

Veronica Flores

Third: First President Emilio Aguinaldo's House at Kawit, Cavite or simply Aguinaldo Shrine

Lastly: Water Park

Nikka Flores

Nikka Flores Pinoy Style

Veronica Flores and Nikka Anico

Anelle, Veronica, Nikka and Terry

Nikka Anico, Veronica, Anelle and Terry
Call time by 5:15 am. It's freaking early by then so I decided to sleep at Elmer's dorm anyways, Kicko is there naman.
I had a great and tiring day! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hello there! It's already past two in the morning and I'm still wide awake. Ho!
Still sitting in front of the monitor and fighting the urge to scream out of kilig. Hihihi. I'm watching MVs of my favorite Korean Band, CN Blue, though I only knew two K Bands, CN Blue and F.T. Islands both under FNC Music. CN Blue released it 4th mini album last January 14 and FYI it swept all music charts since then! It's title song is I'm Sorry and the song is just askldshglshfiadjag. Argh! I can't say a word to describe it! And so far, the album's track list is my favorite. I'm Sorry, La La La, A Man Like You, Where You Are, Coffee Shop and Na Geudae Boda, they are all good, I mean GOOD! I missed listening to baby Yong's and  Jong Hyun's voice because it's almost a week since the last time I used my Samsung Galaxy Y phone, it's batt is damage (it's only 1 year, yeah! that fast! -.-) so I decided not to use it muna for the mean time but now my Bibi gave me his spare batt, so it's partyyy time!

So here I am, illegally downloading MVs and MP3s of my babies new songs. And also some of Taylor's. I'm planning of refreshing my play list, delete some and add many! I love music. I'm a music lover. *u*
I am currently addicted to K music these days. My favorite band is CN Blue, my favorite girl group is T-Ara, yes I'm a queen, next to T-Ara is SNSD or Girl's Generation, my favorite boy group is the dorky B1A4, Jinyoung babes, next to B1A4 is Big Bang and then INIFINITE, baby. Maybe after this semester I'll find time to make posts about why I like B1A4 more than SuJu and the like. 'kay? ;)

I seriously have nothing to say it's just I want to update my Sun Shine. kekekeke. I guess I need to sleep na. I've reached my quota of 15 songs and 5 MVs na. Hihi. And I need to wake up as early as I could to do the household since I'll be leaving by the afternoon. We have an alumni's rehearsal to my secondary alma mater. I just hope that it will be productive, I dowanna waste my time. Sheesh!

Bonne nuit!❤

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Miss with the Blonde Hair,

Okay. I'll get straight to the point. How dare you? How dare you do that to my babies? You even made my baby Hyukie cry! I hate you and your dry red lips! If only I could rip your heart out of your chest, if I only could! Arrrgh! I hate you!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I Miss These!

P.S. I am not comparing E with P. Its just I miss these..
  • Late night conversation. - because you don't call always.
  • Sweet nothings, very much. Hohoho Because P, have that sweet bone.
  • Waking up next to you! - I know that it is only almost a month when we sleep together. And I wanna say that it's one of the most unforgettable Christmas Eve I've ever had.
  • HHWW. - I wanna go on a park, or a mall, and on the beach side and do that with you!
  • Watch sunset. Just you and me.
  • Play games with you.
  • Exchange crazy jokes with you.
  • Hang Out. - I want you to hang out with me and my friends. I want to hang out with you and your friends. Those not common friends.
  • The big bear hug you always give me. Remember my high school graduation? :'>
  • Stargazing. - I wanna lay with you all night. And watch the stars.
  • Late Night Escapades. - MWAHAHAHA. Because our relationship is veryyy legal. I miss those escapades. Gettin' out of our house to join the gang. My Ninja Skills are no use now.

I simply miss stuffs like that. It is not him that I miss but doing the things slash you doing those things for me.
It's cheesy for me, really. I don't want you calling me because I asked you to but I want you calling me because you wanted to hear my voice. I want you to meet my friends as much as I want to meet your friends. And the graduation big bear hug? So unforgettable. HAHAHA. ;)

P.P.S. I want you to keep in mind that I DON'T MISS P. 'kay?

Monday, January 07, 2013


It's nearly two years and you all haven't still moved on? Don't you dare tell me that you have moved on. You keep on sending us unethical text messages and you keep on posting photos and status (with the use of grammar that's even worse than mine) that are clearly reflecting the rumors that you are spreading. I pity you all, seriously. You are all pathetic. Boy, I am so ashamed that you're my cousin, first blood cousins. Are you not getting tired with all your shits? Are you not ashamed of your acts? BLAH.
I just wanna say that YOU, ALL OF YOU, can't break us because you just can't.
We all know YOU deep bone that of the 10 things you said, 11 were lies.
It will be a great help to YOU and your men if you'll just move on and stop looking at that moment in the past. You can never bring the old us back again. 


Saturday, January 05, 2013

Life is so phlegmatic these days  and suddenly, it became harder to breathe.
It is so difficult, to be torn between two people you love, two people you cherish the most..
I wanna be mad with her but I simply can't.. and I wanna be by your side but it seems like your pushing me away.. I told you. I told you that it is not your fault but mine, that she's mad at me and not with you..
Oh baby, those last words you said were stuck on my mind and I don't know how long it will be there..
It's breaking my heart.. my heart was shuttered into pieces. I can't accept the fact that you are letting other people to break us, to rule over us. Do you remember when you told me to remind you how we made this relationship between us stronger, don't you? Remember every time we exchange smiles after proving the world how much we admire each other? Remember every misunderstanding we settled for the sake of this relationship? Do you remember anything, everything? And do you remember you told me you love me and I answered you 'I love you too'..

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Francisco, my dear Francisco. :(
My heart is aching, no, it's breaking. </3
So it's true? You're going to be a dad soon but you didn't told us whether you're going to marry Cara.
Though it's breaking my heart I, we, would be happy if you're going to marry her..
we will accept her wholeheartedly..
And when she gave birth, please let us have a sneak peek of your baby.

Will always love you, babe :*

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

First Anniversary!



Happy New Year!


New Year, New Me? No, no, no. I don't believe in that because for me it will take a lot of time and courage to change yourself, into something better. You can't change in just a blink on an eye. But on the other side, new year is a good start to change. It's another year, isn't it a good start to change for the better? 'coz you know in the end it is you that will benefit to the changes that you are making - going to make.

Lezz be positive. God is with us. We are blessed. :)

Happy New Year everyone!