Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey! I'm currently using Mr. Basil 'The Hunk" Mercado's lappie and I'm here at my boyfie's dorm just along Espanya, Manila. I didn'tskip class, anyhoe! HAHAHA. I'm just killing time 'coz it's my vacant from 12 noon to 3 in the afternoon. My next class is Art Appreciation and I'm having a second thought of attending the class since it's their college GA, College of Arts and Sciences' General Assembly. Since I skip his class last Tuesday, university affair though, I better attend today. Labag man sa aking kalooban. HAHAHA.

I would love to hear from you my dear friend on what's going on your life.

And how's yer day? :))

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Movie tickets
So yesterday dawn, a promise has been fulfilled. His promise. Hihi. A year ago, after watching Breaking Dawn Part 1, he promised that we're gonna watch its part 2 and yesterday, the promise was fulfilled though it's not a double date anymore. Jester-Ann no more. And I think, it's much better. They aren't meant to be. HAHA.

At Cinema 2 of Gateway Cineplex 10 on Gateway Mall, Cubao. It's been a while since the last time we watched there because as far as my memory can remember, the last time we watched a movie was in SM North EDSA.

Anyways, the movie is very humorous! I was laughing for more or less two long hours. I love the way how the story gone and even it's ending, I love it.

I can't forget how Bella threw Jacob when he told her about the wolf thing. Hihihi. #SPOILER!

Haven't watch it yet? Go grab a ticket! :)

Ako'y naguguluhan. HAHAHA. Sa totoo lang, nakalimutan ko na yun eh. It's past 3 weeks nung makita at mabasa ko yun and sooner, nawala naman sa isip ko dahil I'm very occupied. But last weekeend, while I'm  standing under the shower and feeling the cold water run from my head to my toes, the thought and the questions came out from the back of my mind.

Question 1: Is the status referring to him? Because I actually don't think so. Sabi nya naka-move on na sya kaya malamang sa oo, it's not him that the her status addresses.

Question 2: Are they related? Malamang, Nikka. HAHAHA. Pareho ngang S eh.

Question 3: Is her comment referring to us? Is it us that she is talking about?

Conclusion: Sagot ko sa question 3 ko. Yes. Feeling ko eh. :P HAHAHA. Bakit? So here's the story.

**I think it's late October or early November when her mother and her brother saw us. It's an internment that we, our band, attended and gave service. Paano ko nalamang it's her mother and li'l bro? Sinabi nya sakin eh. Tinuro nya. Why? Wala naman s'yang kung ano mang intensyon. So, wala lungs.

Her status was posted early November, November 5th if I am not mistaken. And as I've mention, sa tingin ko naman eh hindi sya yung tinutukoy nya dun sa status, but only she knows. But the thing that intrigued me is that woman's comment.

Pakiramdam ko at ang dating sa'kin ng comment nya na yun eh kami ang tinutukoy nya, feeling ko. What made me think so? Like what I've stated above about her mother and li'l bro saw us thing. Hindi naman imposible na nai-kwento ng mother o ng li'l bro nya yun sa kanya, sa kanila. I think it's normal naman na mai-kwento yun. Dates are relevant, very much relevant. Kung kami man ang tinutuko'y sa comment nya na yun eh, what is she wanna say? What is she up to? Anong ibig nyang sabihin?

"Palaging magkasama sa libing"-- related nung makita kami ng mum nya at li'l bro nya diba? And to Mrs. S. DR, we're musicians and giving service on internment or even burials are only part of our business. And anu namang paki mo kung magkasama kaming tumutugtog sa patay? -___-" Like srsly?
That "hahahahahahaaaaaaa". Basta something na ganyan yun eh. It's quite irritating and annoying.
And lastly, "wapak. wagas na pag-ibig." thingy. Ano bang gusto nya? Ano bang ibig sabihin nya? Anong gusto nyang palabasin? Pssssh.

I've lots of questions and I want to know the answers. Heck. Ang pangit kasi ng dating sa'kin, no, not pangit, ang sama ng dating sa'kin.

Ano ba, teh? ;3



Buddy. My boyfie's labrador dog. It's only less than a year since you came and now you left us. Why so early? You're bearly about 6 months old. 

You know there's someone else who's mourning for your lost more than I do. He loved, no, he loves you and will always will. We're thankful that you came our way. You know how much we love you.

Keep our love, baby. May you rest in peace.

We will miss you!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo Post V

From last Saturday night.
I Love You Bibi Dear! :**

Saturday, November 17, 2012


So I still don't have in hand the photos from my 18th birthday party and I have no freaking idea when will the photograher who covered my party will bring the CD so I can choose which should be in the album. So here, I'm just gonna share some the gifts that I received of course aside from cash. HAHA!

Blogger's Note: This is a very long post that looks like a photo album. HAHAHA!
                          ** I got so lazy that some of the gifts are not posted here. :P

Yayy! These gifts looked like they are dumped by whom-I-don't-know. HAHA! :))
I love opening gifts. It excites me. ;)

First on the list are gifts from my girlfriends. Wea, Clarice, Elbbi (@elbbipat) and Cathy.
I dunno whether to be angry or to laugh. Gah!
It's tangerin statement shirts which they chose the ones that reflect my personality, perfectly. xD
Thank you, girlfriends! ;)
That's Wea's legs and feet anyways.
A Tomato fuchsia watch from my cousin.
This' from Maro whose @xiimaro on twitter! A close friend of mine.
It's a Parisian sling bag.
I love it girl. Thanks! ;)
I also receive some. ;)
One's from Judge Manny Tonchiongco, pardon if I spelled it incorrectly.
I got this very soft and fluffy blanket from miss @jhenuncovered.
Honestly, I'm now using it. It's very comfortable and warm. :)
A throw pillow!
In color combination of pink and purple and it has my name on it, spelled correctly!
Yaaay! I love that! :)))
It's from @xiimaro's mommy anyways. ;)
Two pillow cases that also has my name on it!
Yiieee.. I really like those, I think it's so sweet and thoughtful.
Though it's pink. XD
I got this from ate Joanne Labrador, she's he sissy of my buddy Jester.
I love the way it's presented, simple but very lovely.
It's a vintage necklace and a rosary pad.
I'll treasure these!
Hah! This dress is from Norman and Ace.
I love it. The only dress I received. :)))
This is a NAFNAF blouse from Patrick Noel whom you can follow on twitter @TheMayorPAT!
I haven't worn a blouse like this before so I'm excited to use this!
A Denise see-through blouse from Ryssa Ramiscal.
I always loved to have one. Thanks! ;)
A tiger looked like blouse from @divineagnes!
A bracelet slash watch from ate Joy.
A Victoria Secret lotion from Tita Lorna. :)
It smells so good. ;P
Purple body towel from Jayson de Jesus! ;)
A BNY JNS from Angelito Reyes. yaay! HAHAHA!
A good friend of mine and my very first ex! XD
A very, very lovely sleeping terno from my sissy! :)))
A small sling bag. It's pretty and simple. ;)
Another sling bag.
A Marks&Spencer lotion from I don't know. HAHA!
It's a terno. A party outfit. HAHA!
It's a mini skirt that is above the knee cut and a blouse that's  elbow length.
I'm gonna use this when the occasion calls for it.
Thank you Jessica for these! :)
A Verde Veronica Cardigan!
Gosh! I bet this is quiet expensive. I dunno who's this from but thank you really.
I can use this with Jessica's gift, yes the one above this.
I matches the skirts color naman eh. :)
On the upper left part is a Bench Inspire perfume.
On the other side is a Sweet Honestly perfume.
And on the bottom is a Gucci Envy Me perfume and a ballpen holder. :)
On that vintage-like box is a streling silver bracelet and a flower earring -from Jonina.
Got it last Wednesday I think.
And the other one is also an earring, a heart shaped one -from Joshua Rigor.
A university band mate of mine.
A Yellow polo shirt from Jomarri & Family..
A Green shoulder bag from Lola Miling..
and a Canopy Style pillow case (pink again!) :))
A Shea Body Butter by The Body Shop from Tita Lulu..
A brown and pink colored umbrella from Baby Yael!
And two bench & bath towels.
Beddings from Tita Ched, my boyfie's mum!
An Eiko accessory! From nay Aiyra Rung. :)
A cake, again!
It's from FISH as it say so. HAHA!
It's actually from @emmans I just call him by 'fish' before.
A pair of throw pillow, it's a Minnie and a Mickey! ;)
A red shoulder converted to sling bag from @justgwenn ;)
And a plain white cute shoulder bag. :)
A purple polo shirt from Patrick & Family and two everyday shorts. ;)
This one's from Mr. Jigs Reigo de Dios.
Obviously, it's a personalize shirt which has the logos of Eat, Sleep and Play French Horn.
It's very cute! :)
Artwork shirts!
Yeeey! It's on my wish list. ;)
The one on the left is from Cryzha and the other one is from Aira.
Thank you friends! ;)
Another Artwork stuff but this time it's a sando. :)
From Christia, Miklo and Francis.
It's a very lovely and fashionable jewelry kit. :)
It's now full. HAHA!
Yes, that's B1A4 on the background. :P
From Tita Julie Alonzo..
A big purple Parisian bag. ;)
Marks & Spencer fuchsia polo shirt from Tita Glo. ;)
I got two Nicholas Sparks'! Yeyy! :))
The Rescue from ate Haizel (@atchoooyyy) and
The Guradian from 'nay Aiyra (@aiyrarung) again. :D
A Novel entitled Eleven Minutes written by Paulo Coelcho who also wrote The Alchemist.
It's from @leyaaM
The greeting card is addressed to Kang Min Hyuk's wife! HAHAHA!
And the sender is Jung Yong Hwa's wife. Fangirlliiiing! ;))
Fifty Shades Trilogy!
It's from my college friends! Hooot!
Thank you guys! ;)))
So there.. my first book collection! :) 

These Von Dutch tee and Stitch is from my loving boyfie @elmgubs!:))
Hihihi. :"> It's so lovely.. :p
On the tag says "Happy Birthday Bibi Dear... I Love You! ♥ "Very sweet isn't it? :">