Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busy as a bee

Semestral break for a total of three weeks. Three weeks that I don't have to wake up before four in the morning, no traffic jam to deal with, no lessons to review, to make it simple, three-weeks-stress-free!
Yet I feel so tired, physically, mentally and emotionally. This preparation for my debut makes me physically tired, every single day. I have to care about the preparation of the invitations and distributions of it, souvenirs,  sound mobile, the band and many more. Gosh! It's exhausting. At night I think about the expenses that we incurred and about to incur, I'm having the second thought of perpetration of my birthday celebration. It costs a lot! I mentioned that I am also emotionally tired, well, partially. I waited for almost twelve hours for even a goddamn single text message, and I waited for nothing! A single text message of one hundred and sixty characters will only cost a penny. He got himself to spend more than a hundred pesos to go on a movie and he can't spend a single peso for a text message? Gah! I am thinking that I am not worth even a penny, that spending a peso for me will hurt your pocket or will bring a damage on your budget, you put that on my mind! I don't want to talk about it anymore. It brings irritation to me and I don't want to say anything when I'm irritated. YOU won't like what you're gonna hear.

Ciao, for now.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Liberating Days

Hoopla! Semestral break has come!
Staying up late at night with friends eating potato chips while watching some scary and freaky movies, gone to shopping mall and have some shopping slash window shopping, watching movies on movie house, sleep like Snorlax, and hey, back to my old carefree self! It really feels good waking up in the morning without assignments to cram, projects to do, lessons to review for quizzes, departmental exams to think, and I don't have to travel to hours just to reach my destination - University of the East.
The only thing that gives a black line on this rainbow that I'm having is the gloomy aura from being kicked out of the Accountancy program of my university. Sheesh! It is so frustrating indeed.
I don't wanna talk about it for now, ehe! Haha!
So let's have a tour for now...

On the very first day of the sem break.
First Stop: Wawa Dam at Montalban, Rizal

"We just want to jaunt."

At Brown's house.
At the Dam proper.
Brown, Toti and I. It's my first time to ride on a balsa
A brown beautiful butterfly
Nikka, Aigelyn and I with the mini falls on the background
A group picture.
Toti and Brown at the back
Nikka, Aigelyn, Me and Aiyra :)

Second Stop: Star City at Pasay City

Aiyra, Aigelyn, Me and Nikka at the theme park's lobby
A Group shot.
The gang
Come on, let's have a lite dinner. Eat with me.
Our final ride, surf dance. :)

We're really maximizing these days, ha! And I think there are lot more things we can do. :))           

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I miss these!
  • Twitter
  • Blogspot
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Wattpad online
  • Blogger
  • WeHeartIt
  • Instagram

After the day after tomorrow, I promise to catch up with all of these sites. Promise!
I'm missing my cyber life!