Friday, August 24, 2012

18th Birthday Wish List

My 18 birthday is about to take place in less than 3 months time! And I am sooo  freakin' excited! HAHA. :)
I created this post so whenever someone would ask me (if ever there is :P) what gift do I want to receive for my day I will just direct them here. HAHA. ;P
I know that I may sound so materialistic, but hey! We all know that everyone has been materialistic even once in his or her goddamn life and I'm having mine so you don't have any choice but to deal with it. Be fair and lemme aim really high. LOL. :D

A birthday cake! =)
Of course. 

These high heeled converse!!! :D
Yaaaaay! I am so in love with these oh-so nice converse shoes!
I really, really wanna have one (of any color).
So if you're gonna give me a present, this one, please!


I can't find a photo of the tees that I really want.
Just visit artwork branches. :P
Heeey! Srsly, I'm eager to have one.

Stilletos or  High-heeled Shoes

I really really really want those shoes! Darn it! XD
God! I'm dying to have them. :(
visit here.

Low-heeled Shoes and Flats and Slippers...

Ones I could wear on a Sunday morning walk. =)


I don't like wearing dress--before.
I want some dress. Gosh! I'm being girly lately. Haha. :)
Bye for the tomboy-ish me. :))
If you're gonna gimme a dress, I promise you, I'll wear it. :)
visit here!


Fashion sense sinking in!
Weee :)) God knows how I love wearing such
specially those oversize shirts!
Gimme one puh-leassse.. =')

Vest and Bustier Tops for the stylish me!

  Yaaay! I love that!
I think I'll be needing that for our gigs!

A long dress.
I just wanna have one. ;P

Belts! :))

Hell yea! I want thooose! :D

Bangles or Bracelets!

Wooden, Neon, Stainless, Plastic or Cloth-like.
I bet you know how women adore accessories! :)

Star Necklace/Vintage Necklace

Yes, baby. I am dying to have these two-to-three finger rings!
And the others..

Pebbly white teeth.

 Because mine are weak. :( And because I love to smile...
I want to have a strong and beautiful set of pebbles.
I want to give YOU my sweetest smile.

A DLSR camera.
                         Canon EOS 60D

                                                                                      Sony Alpha A290

So I can capture your sweet smile. ;)

A new French Horn!
My James (my French Horn's name) needs repair - an over-whole to be exact.
But I really, really want to have a new one. 
The photo above is a Holton Merker Matic Series Double French Horn :)
This French Horn really looks so damn sexy! :D

A laptop!
Oooh yes! A laptop because I need one freaking badly.
I don't have a specific brand model but I want a laptop with a high processor.
Anyways, I have already a prospect who can gimme a laptop and luckily he said 'YES' when I answered him that I want him to give me a laptop. =)) 


Since I'm a woman now, I want to have a set of make-up of my own.
Because I now care on how do I look. MAC Cosmetics, baby.
I bet you know why :)

Pastel Colored Sling Bags
Geez! I always wanted these, so much. :(

 Forever 21, darlin'
Not the store. Hehe.
I'm goin' crazy over their apparels.
So puhleassse. *runs away while crying*

I want these Watches!
Big Apple, CK, DKNY, Stamps and any other!

These books!
Yes, I'm being specific with books :)
Haha. Notes to the post:
Firstly, I am not a book critic.
Second, I  would just love to read all of these.
Third, ofcourse, one at a time.
Fourth, these books are definitely hot.
Lastly, I am not into a specific writer.

Nora Roberts' The Witness
Sylvain Reynard's Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture
Sarah Dessen's The Truth about Forever
E.L James' Fifty Shades Freed (Complete Collection of Fifty Shades of Grey)
Kyung-Sook Shin's Please Look After Mom
Michael Ondaatje's The Cat's Table
Patrick deWitt's The Sisters Brothers
Russell Banks' Lost Memory of Skin
David Levithan's The Lover's Dictionary
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht
The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides
1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

Wondering why I have such a long list of books?
Baby, because I love to read :)
To the point that my phone always runs out of it's battery because I incessantly read stories on Wattpad. It's a battery sucker. HAHA XD

My baby. I want more STITCH stuff.

Stitch Merch
Pillows, Blankets, Cellular Phone Holder,
Stuffed Toys, Footwears, Shirts,
Bags, Earphones and many more!

Okaaay. I'm in Need not WANT. GET IT? xD
Okaaay. I'm a li'l desperate. HAHA.
CN Blue Albums from First Step to Ear Fun.
Japanese Albums will also be very much appreciated.
My Bias - Oppa Kang Min Hyuk!
Oppa! Nuh mo saranghae! Bogoshipo bogoshipda! :)
And of course, every KFanGirl would love to - visit South Korea.
Haha. Aim high, Nikka. Aim high. LOL.

I am praying, always, for good health!
Not only for myself but also for my family and all the people I love, so good health for everyone!

My birth date is in the 10th of November anyways. =))
Advance happy birthday to me! :D