Thursday, February 23, 2012

For You

I know that I am not good in expressing my feelings at times..
and so I look for a song that will clearly say the things that I want to say to someone..
Someone who did not left me when I need a friend..
Someone who never fails to make me smile in any way..

Here's my song for you..

"Is it alright if I'm with you for the night?
Hope you don't mind, if you stay by my side
We can drive in your car somewhere into the dark
Pull over and watch the stars
We can dance, we can sing
Do whatever you think as long as I'm with you..

When we are together it's the time of our lives
We can do whatever, be whoever we like
Spend the weekend dancing, 'cause we sleep when we die
Don't have to worry 'bout nothing
We own the night

It's all a blur, it's getting late but I don't care
I don't know where we'll end up and that's OK
We can drive in your car somewhere into the dark
Pull over and watch the stars
We can dance, we can sing
Do whatever you think as long as I'm with you..


That's the song that I've found..
And it's simply perfect!

Thank you for making me smile during this moments, my loneliest moments..
Thank you for being here..
Thank you for being my friend..

Monday, February 20, 2012


Maybe now I know. Maybe now I know what true love is.
Love is not selfish. And sometimes, love means letting go.
My love for you is not selfish so I let you go.
I let you go not because I don't love you anymore, not because I am inlove with another man.
I let you go because I truly love you.

I let you go because that is what you need, what you want, indeed.
I love you and so I don't want to see you unhappy.
I don't want to force you in a relationship when you're not happy anymore.
So I set you free.

I am heavy heart right now.
I make myself busy with so many non-sense things just to not think of what's happening in my real world.
But when I ran out of things to do.. I still think of you.. of us..
The relationship we shared for the past months..
And when I do, I find myself inside my room covered by my blanket and hugging tight the stitch you gave me while crying.
For the past nights, I cry myself to get tired and then fall asleep.
And I don't know until when I will do that.
When I take a bath, I cry.
When I rode the bus on my way to school and home, I cry.
As you know man, I am admiring you for more than six years.
This won't be easy for me baby.

I feel vulnerable, fragile, pathetic.
I don't know what to do with myself.
I don't know what I've done for things turn into this.
I don't know what I didn't do for us. I don't know what I've miss.
Sometimes I wish that this is all just a bad dream, and I now want to wake up.
Sometimes I want to sleep 24/7.
And thinking of running away.. far away.

I am wishing that one day there can be a miracle.

My love for you will last.
My love for you will not fade even if you don't love me the way you love me before.
I will still love you.

I love you, dear..


Reminiscing the moments that we're together..
Photo taken after our performance at the university theater,
I edited the photo in dedication for our 5th monthsary and for your birthday last October 31.

Photo taken outside your house during Sir B's birthday bash!

My graduation night.
We're not yet in a relationship when this photo is taken.
This night is one of the most horrible nights for me.
My graduation, my mother is in the hospital.
My sissy left me at the school gym after getting up the stage.
I have no one. The last person that I expect to lend his hands to me  left.
But you were there. You sacrifice that one night of having good time with your old school friends.
You accompany me. You didn't leave me alone.
You watched me as I sleep. Thank you for taking care of me.

Do you remember this?
During our close friends swimming.

Another photo from the swimming.

Photo credits to Haizel Capiral. :)

Photograph credit to Pat Balbastro.
Many friends find this photo cute, and so as I. :)
They liked it in my FB account.

Ooh, I bet you need sleep dear. :)

On our way to Mariveles, Bataan for a two-day performance.

Just the caption. :">

Photo of us over the bridge of the pool during our band's late night swimming.

At the university. :)
You look darker here. Haha!
Because of the flash, our photograher Norman covered the flash with his finger eh. :P

If you think that I am making this to torture myself and make things more difficult for me,  then so be it.
But for me, I am doing this because I am reminiscing those moments..
Memories will never die. Memories will never leave.

I love seeing you smiling. So smile! :)

A Liebster Award

I got this
award from Clai Estabillo.

I am over whelmed when I saw my name on her post.
Thank you so much girl! Blessings for you!

I am really surprised because I didn't expect receiving an award to think that I seldom share posts on my blog and some may think that what I posts are crap.

I want to pass this award to...
Mister sweet Frank Barnett
and to Ryan Smith

I know you guys deserve this award!

Good day! Happy Blogging pals! :))

Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's More Fun In The Philippines 102

Featuring Majorettes of Kapisanan (Association) Banda 11

As for all people know how Pilipinos' love music and so as I.
I am a musician. A French Horn player.

I just want to share our Band, Kapisanan Banda 11 of Pulong Buhangin, Sta.Maria, Bulacan. 

'Kendeng Kendeng' Rehearsal :)
I just used my phone in recording so it's kinda fail. Haha!

'Waka Waka' Rehearsal :)
Again, sorry that it's not in HQ.
Next time I'll use another device so that the videos will be in HQ.

Kapisanan Banda 11 was established April 2011.
Originally, we only have 6 majorettes and the 3 of them joined another band so we only have 3 left.
But look at them now, they are 14 of them! Including 4 little girls!
I am just so proud that they are doing good despite that they have limited time to rehears because of the busy-as-a-bee school schedule.

Good day! :)))


Friday, February 03, 2012


Note: This is a very personal post. I am posting this to calm myself down. Sorry I just need to vent. And if you think this is a crap. Then so be it.

I am not mad. I am not angry. And definitely, I am not jealous. Well, I know in myself that I am not lying this time about that jealousy issue. I am just sad. No more, no less.

I am sad because of the thought that the man that I knew while courting me is now changing. I know change is inevitable but, I can't help to feel this way. I told him about what I feel, I thought that he would clearly understand me, but he did not. He misunderstood me. And it made me feel anxious.

Since I'm listed in personal, I think posting this is not questionable.