Saturday, October 31, 2015

May Forever!

Lahat ng babae may insecurity sa sarili nya, and that's normal for me.
I've been one insecure lass.. and I think it is time for me to vent over this.. to lessen the feeling.
I'm insecure with your lady friends, yes, you read that right.
First of all, you're so close to them that it looks like your not ONLY friends, I mean you look more than friends. Then what people can all see on your timeline (for over a year now) is you with lady friend A or you with lady friend B. People are asking 'break na ba kayo?' 'sila na ba ni lady friend A?' 'nililigawan ba nya si lady friend B?' and kapag sinagot ko sila ng 'No' they'll give me this ows-di-nga look. Di ko naman sila masisi if they're to think that way cos I sometimes would also like to question myself about our relationship on the outside.
Meron 'tong apat na klase, una yung personally nagtatanong, ikalawa yung nag tatanong online (post/comment/chat), ikatlo yung chumichismis (tanong sa kanan - tanong sa kaliwa) at pang apat yung nagtatanong sa sarili nya with conclusion pa minsan (sila ba ni *tuuut*? Ayy sila siguro).
Things made me insecure of myself sometimes. When lady friend A and lady friend B are so pretty, it made me insecure of how I look. I have blemishes on my face, pimple marks, not-so normal eyelids, not-so pretty nose and weak-ain't-pretty teeth.
What made me really feel sadly-awkward is when it is my own family asking if we're together and will say 'eh? hindi ba nya yun girlfiend?' 'bakit ganun?' and then I can't defend myself cos when people would look at how you made things look like when at the eyes of other people, I am not your girlfriend.
Nakakalungkot lang talaga that this is how you made things look like.

And because of that, ladies, may forever! Insecurities are forever! (as to this) LOL


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