Tuesday, October 13, 2015

i can't remember the last time we celebrated your birthday, do you?
we celebrated once, it was two years ago, i guess..
since before, whenever i ask about your birthday plan you always say that you wanted to go on a kind-of  'soul-searching' day for yourself... you wanted to be alone on your day..
but you always have the plan of celebrating your day with your friends.. isn't it? and i am always not invited.. haha no hard feelings ;p
of course i want to be with you on your day.. and befriend your friends. but i guess that's just too much to ask.
it's not like i am mad with that.. besides it's your day and your decision after all
maybe i am only a little jealous cos its not like you made plan/s to be with me, i hope you ever had... even just in your mind

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