Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I was thinking why are there guys and men that take their girl for granted? And how many girls are being treated this way? If we would consider the saying “There’s a woman behind every successful man.” there would be billion of girls are working their asses off. But the question is HOW MANY OF THESE GIRLS ARE GIVEN PROPER CREDITS?

LADIES! Taken for granted, have you ever been? How does it feel? Especially when you are giving your very, very, very best in everything that you do for that dumbass shitty guy? I know the feeling is horrible, and I am giving my sincere apathy. But how long do you plan to endure the feeling and the situation? Are you really happy, huh?

To the dominant specie, but I don’t know if you are really deserving.. why have a girlfriend and hide her? Are you ashamed of her? Why have her as your girlfriend in the first place? I really hate people like that. Don’t you know how much you can make her happy by simply looking proud to have her? I bet you don’t. And YOU SUCK!

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