Saturday, September 21, 2013

So... We Broke Up

Minutes after the conversation ended I received a text message from 2933704...
"Mistakes make me human. Failure makes me stronger. Love keeps me alive. But it's YOU who keeps me smiling."
I may not be able to smile so bright like before but I will find a way. It's not like that this break-up doesn't mean anything nor affects me in anyway, it does but I have to hold my grounds and keep my world moving. It is not necessary that when you let go of the person you love and cherish means you no longer love and cherish him but instead you are strong enough to accept the fact that you no longer meets his needs and maybe, just maybe, are not the reason of his happiness.
I don't know if I am ready and if I can handle this sudden break-up. So good Lord, help me.

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