Monday, September 23, 2013


Ang hirap ng walang privacy. Syet.. -nikzflores on Twitter

Because I feel that I'm losing my privacy already. Hahaha!
That's the problem when you have your Facebook and Twitter accounts on public.
I've been receiving notifications from Facebook saying "xxx" is now following you since the other day and tweeps, aside from my known followers, keep on retweet-ing and favorite-ing my tweets.
And also, there's this certain guy who tweet-ed me "Oi!"so I replied "No offense meant. Kilala po ba kita? Hahaha!" (No offense meant, but do I know you?) he said "Hindi. Pero ikaw, kilala kita! Hahaha!" (No. But I know you!) Jesus! He's creepy! Hahaha! Stalker ang peg? Hahaha.
There's nothing special about me so I don't get why I feel like one. #FeelerAlert :P
Seriously speaking, I don't know why I have this feeling that I'm catching attention this past days, and it's not good because I'm enjoying it! This is noooo good.

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