Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sleepless nights

I have been experiencing this for many nights now, nights of not having good sleep. I stay wide awake staring at the ceiling of my room, all blank. Hahaha.! There is the saying "When you can't sleep at night, you are awake in someone else's dream" so if you could let me sleep, that will be great! lol Kiddin'! :P
Who would be dreaming about me anyway? And speaking of dreams, hey boy! You've been the constant star of my dreams! So I bet you are not having good sleeps too, right? Mehehe.
I love dreaming about you, it is the reason of my first smile of the day so please, just let me dream about you. Okay? ;) I am hoping that my dreams are the signs, eh? Haha! I am still trying to be positve. Haaaaaay. I don't know where to stand and what I am going to say so I guess playing safe is best choice I've got.  Compromise is the key! I hope this day, 27th of August will be great for you. Seize the day! ;)

lotsa love!


  1. "When you can't sleep at night, you are awake in someone else's dream"

    really sis? pero bakit parang ang sarap naman ng tulog ng katabi ko kagabi,,LOL ^_^

  2. You'e so sweet! That boy in your dreams is so lucky to keep running on your head :D

  3. i just hope that everything turned out well dear.
    God is good.

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    you should check it out.
    thank you.



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