Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Please Do Not Read

I said please do not read.

Oooh,  seriously?

Hard headed huh?

Crap. Okay.

I woke up from my nap this morning feeling sick. Tummy and head feels like swelling.
I'm asking myself why the hell that this is the only time that I realize how my attitude is going?
I've been a nagger and tactless bitch. Yes, that's how I feel and how I see myself every time I close my eyes
and play the flashbacks at the back of my mind. I keep on tactlessly speaking about the things that he does
that I don't like or I don't feel like. Sometimes, I ask myself 'is this person numb?' that he can't feel what I
want to happen while as I picture things this time, I am the numb once. Numb enough to make things like this.
Maybe because this person doesn't speak much so I thought, unconsciously,
that it is alright if I say anything I  wanna say forgetting that this person has feelings too.
This seriously saddens me. Even though I badly want to come to this person and hug him, I can't. I want to
give him the time he needs, the time for himself. I wish upon the rain, 'cos there's no stars, that he will
think and weigh things right. I wish that he would think about every single moment that we shared most specially
those bad times that made the bond between us strong.
I am devotedly praying that the bond between us is that strong to save us and everything between us.

Hey! If you're able to read this, I wanna say sorry. It may be not enough but if you'll give us a chance I think we
could compromise naman 'di ba? and try my best to adjust.


Your bitch girlfriend.


  1. Hi Nikka. I can feel you. This post makes me sad. Hope everything is great. Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep in touch.

  2. Thanks sis! I also hope that everything will turn out fine.

  3. Virtual hug.. Don't be sad too much na,nakakapangit. =)

    1. I can't help sis. Nakakabaliw. Haha!
      Thanks anyway :)