Sunday, August 18, 2013

Latepost | New Hair Style

Hello fellas! Have you been well? If you're going to ask me, well, I'm mighty fine! :)
This post actually should have been made almost a month now but busy schedules just won't let me :(
I wanna share with you guys my current hair style!
I decided to cut my hair not because I'm depress, like everybody's asking, or having a big problem. I just completed the courage to have this hair style after two long years!

Hair care by David's Salon ; a senior male stylist which I forgot the name :p

Selcas immediately after the 'ritual'


Some recent selcas

And my inspiration!
Ryu Hwa Young!
Former member of girl group T-Ara
Seems like everybody is teasing me by calling me Charice P. or Daniel P. and even Ellen D.!
Hahaha! :P
The only difference with our hair is that the side of my hair is quiet longer than her's. :)

So what can you say guys? 
Many said that is suits me well, do you agree? :D


  1. You look great dear! I honestly love your new hair style. I wish I have a cute face as you. I've tried that before but it doesn't look good on me :( You look so dalaga <3 Achieved!

    1. Thank you sis! hihi :'> You look so pretty naman din with your long hair :)

  2. You look cutie with your short hair.=)