Sunday, August 18, 2013

8.18.'13 3:20AM

We hurt each other and we both know that. You, hurting me that way is not an enough reason for me to turn my back on you and me hurting you this way, I hope, is not a reason for you to leave me behind. I hate you being coward. Do you now that you are the reason, still, why I sometimes choose to shut up when I'm feeling troubled? It is you. I am afraid because you always think that you are a useless life partner, useless boyfriend and the only thing that you gave me is heartaches and THOSE ARE BIG LIES! I don't want to see this relationship on the rocks so I am doing the very best that I can... I am happy that I can feel your love for me, you know what I mean. :p
You know, I also have issues with myself. I am sorry for inflicting pain on you. Mianhae ;(

P.S I remember the time when you sang me Beautiful In My Eyes. I wish we can always be like that, after solving problems, we're better and we're stronger.

P.P.S I love you 


  1. Hi dear, it's normal for relationships to be like that sometimes, it's healthy but of course, you have to weigh things :) Good thing for doing your part then, I'm glad you're a loving and responsible partner. You can do it! Good luck to you both. stay in love! <3 ;)

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words sis! I really do hope! I so love this guy :)