Monday, June 24, 2013

Bottleneck Irritation

I am not the one that's been betrayed(?)/lied to but I'm much more hurt and now irritated with you.
If you like B1 in the first place then you should've told B2. You said you're not going to enter a relationship until you're 18 but you're not even 17 now. You let them BOTH court you at the SAME time, right? You're telling the world that B1 is you're "best-friend" and B2 is you're "amoure", you're telling us that B2 means the world to you but in the end you shocked us; New Flash: "BEST-FRIENDS" turned LOVERS! So what's your game, baby? You threw B2 like you just threw a crumpled paper. Aigooo! I hate you! I don't care with your relationshit with B1. They are both my friends, B1 and B2, so I'm not going to choose either of them for you, what I hate is that you let B2 fall on a false hope. Paasa ka girl, alam mo yun? Nakakainis. Ang landi ng dating mo sa'kin ngayon. I thought I know you. But anyways, thank you for making me see your real color, dear. I don't know how we became friends. Pwe!

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