Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WeHeartIt on Android

OMG! They made it possible!

WeHeartIt.com is now available on Google Play Store. You can now download WeHeartIt App on your Android phone for free! Just go to Google Play Store and search for We Heart It and viola! it will appear on your store along with other Apps. The App was made available on Play Store last May 15 and I downloaded it on the same day even though my internet connection is fluctuating, that eager, eh? :D
Now, I can ♥ photos anytime, anywhere!

How I knew about the news.
Here are some screen captures I took so you can take a look how the App will look like on your Android phone:
My Profile
You can see:
  • Images you've heart-ed
  • Your sets
  • Friends/Following
  • Followers

Easy ♥ it button! (center)
1st button from the left: Share it button
2nd button from the left: Easy download button! (Another thing I love about the App)
1st button from the right: Report button
2nd button from the right: Tag/Add tags button
Where to see when the download has been complete.
You can see a heart icon on your task bar.
Double tap the ♥ it button to see your sets.
Who heart-ed the photo and the tags.
There you go. Hope this post helps!
Let's start heartin'! ;)

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