Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Celebration 05.27.'13

2nd year anniversary!

Live. Laugh. Love. Three words that really matters.
My boyf and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary last Monday, it's the 27th of May :)
He's fresh from their Music Camp that ended a day before, May 26.

We had our late lunch at Yoshinoya by around 2PM at SM Mall of Asia then we head straight to MOA Eye! It's my first time to ride a large ferris wheel and I enjoyed!
We have a plan of watching Furious 6 even before their camp, and so we watched but not in MOA na 'cause he's worried that we might have a hard time going home if we're going to watch there so we went at Gateway, Cubao and see Furious 6. *Hindi pa nga nagsisimula yung movie ubos na yung popcorn eh. Haha*
Furious 6 is amazing! Though there's a scene that's far from reality. It's when Dom jumped to catch Letty at the bridge (Spoiler!) Hahaha :))))

Nikka&ER 2nd Anniversary
MOA Eye view
Nikka&ER 2nd Anniversary

Nikka&ER 2nd Anniversary

Nikka&ER 2nd Anniversary
We're both on purple! :">
I'm wearing the purple Von Dutch tops that he gave me on my 18th birthday together with a Stitch stuffy. :D
Nikka&ER 2nd Anniversary

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