Friday, April 05, 2013

tension reliever

I won't deny the fact that I'm sad, devastated and upset yesterday. :(
And I'm blaming my BMK professor, specially, for that. Hahaha!
But then I don't want to lock in my room and curse my professor. mehehe :p
So I head out and go a little shopping with Micah P.! :))))

Disclaimer: I personally own all these photos.

Veronica Flores
Pink and Blue 
Veronica Flores

Veronica Flores

Veronica Flores
My GIMIKERA shirt :">
Micah P. by Veronica Flores
Michaela P!
The photos are taken before we went out. Meheeeee :))
I have Eevee with me cos we have our rehearsal at the University.

My real plan was to buy a bracelet and a necklace and two tubes.. but I end up buying a pants by Crissa, two tubes, a black and a skin tone colored, and three pairs of black socks by Darlington
Yes, I admit. I'm a bogus buyer! HAHAHA! :D
I don't have the photos of the things that I bought, maybe next time I'll model it myself. Haha! :)

Heyaaaaah! IMY! :*

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