Sunday, April 28, 2013

rated G

"Gave 5,000Php to his 4 siblings; 1,500Php to 13 nephews; 500Php to 2 college siblings-grandson, 300Php to 14 siblings-grandchildren, almost 3,000Php to the maid, house boy, family driver and 2 family friends, and 12,500Php for the catering service for a total of 60,200Php!"

He lose 60,200Php in his visit yesterday. 60,200Php in not more than 5 hours stay! And He is always like that, always.

He is one good example of those people who are sharing their blessings. He is not madamot. If he has, he will share it, I assure.

He's generous, isn't he? I wish him and his family a good health and more blessing may come their way. :)

I'm giving a G!

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