Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Good vibes. Good vibes. Oh yes! Hihi. :'>

Hello luvies! How are you? Hope you're doin' good. ;)
As much as I want to share how's my summer vacation is gon' but I don't have the time, oops, I may have but I prefer sleep and read Eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho. Hoho. :D

Uhm well, I have 5 grades on the line! Just 2 more to go.. namely my major, Accounting and my feeling major, Marketing. Haha :D My grades are so far, so good. I just wish that the two remaining grades that I'm waiting for would not spoil the mood. hihi. :)
Fellow college students, how are your grades goin'? :)

Holy Week just pass. Let's enjoy the summah!

Bu-bye for now cos I need to head out and rehearse with my Band! :)

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