Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Veronica Flores
Love my nails ♥
Veronica Flores
While watching The Breakfast Club on my cousin's lappie
Veronica Flores
Veronica Flores
Veronica Flores

I've seen 3-out-of-14 cinemas in my must-see list. Namely:
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Warm Bodies and
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
plus I also got to see these amazing/heart-touching cinemas..
  • The Change Up (rated SPG) - HAHAHA :))
  • My Name is Khan and
  • The Breakfast Club
Kudos to my twin-we-wanna-be for the copies! And to Pitch Perfect that made me curious with what The Breakfast Club is all about. Hihihi! :">

I highly recommend My Name is Khan if you want to see a goddamn good movie. Really.
Uhm, I got a copy of Safe Haven and The Last Exorcism Part II but I always forget about it, always. :/

GAH! Obviously, I don't have anything interesting to share right now because this summer is so boring when it comes to my out-of-the-band-social-life. I wanna go out-of-town! I wanna go to the beach!

Hey, I heard you're goin' out-of-town, may I join? may I? may I? :)))


  1. OMG. You saw My name is Khan? If u liked it then you should def check out more Bollywood movies. Plenty of good movies :)

  2. Yes! And it's really good! I liked no, I actually love it! :))
    Can you suggest good Bollywood movies? And do you know where I can download copies? :))

  3. Well, on the top of my mind are Cocktail, 3 Idiots , Kuch Kuch hota hai , slum dog millionaire . But see the synopsis on net. Enjoy bollywood !! :)