Saturday, March 23, 2013


Last night as I watch the seniors as they graduate makes me reminiscence my graduation day. Gives me bitter sweet memories. For those who graduated with their both parents with them and even their siblings, you are so blessed! Two years ago, I attended my graduation. My sister is the only one with me. My mother was sick and was admitted at the hospital, days before, so she won't be able to make it. After I went to the stage, as part of the program, my sister told me that she needs to go to the hospital, I can't remember why but then I nod. I was expecting him to accompany me home. I've been texting him for more than 10 times and when I got his reply, I wanna beat the shit out of him! Guess what? He said that he can't because he's gone with Dora! Fvck them! HAHAHA. I literally felt like my knees turn like jelly. I can't help but to cry, cry, and cry. Since our section IV-Brown is the second to the last to have our graduation class picture. I dunno whether there's someone to accompany me home because if I'll be going home alone, that's kinda awkward.
But then I texted my kuya-kuyahan if he could send me home. After the class picture and I'm walking with my friends towards the entrance of the gymnasium, I saw him, he was standing there! And when he stretch his two arms to offer me a big bear hug, I ran to him and burst into tears. He accompany me home and he doesn't leave me when he's suppose to have a night-out with his high school buds!
He's always been special to me since I'm in Grade 6 and he in Second year high. And that's the start of the new book that we've open.
He's my kuya. He's my friend. He's my savior. He's he. And he's mine. ♥

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