Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pitch Slapped

I got pitch slapped!

Pitch Perfect baby ♥

So I've seen one of the cinemas I'm dyin' to see, Pitch Perfect. It's good! :)
I like Glee but this one's different 'coz it uses their real voice and I love it! :) 
There's no scene that I did not enjoy and it even made me giggle in some way. Hihi! :'>

Beca Mitchell portrayed by Anna Kendrick. Beca's look and aura, I love it, really! And also, she looks soooo young! :)
Her aura is fierce and strong but lovely! It looks like she's always sayin' "I'm gonna rock the town" :))
She's become a phenomena and quickly in her way up! Way to go Anna! :*

Chloe Beale (Brittany Snow) gosh! I so love her voice ♥
So sweet and lovely! And I liked Chloe's character. ;)

Aubrey Posen (Anna Camp) I hate that she looked years older than she really is! She really looks beautiful, young and carefree in their performance at the ICCA.
And well I think, she's suited for the role. :)
ooops! I almost forgot to mention that it's so gross when she blows when pressured! Hahaha x))

Fat Amy a.k.a Pitch Slapper! played by Rebel Wilson. I love her! HAHA :) She's funny and spontaneous. She also has the voice. :>

Stacie Conrad, the Sexy Soprano, portrayed by Alexis Knapp. I have a crush on her. mwahahaha :D
Though she's not given much attention, her face lingers in my mind. Hihi :"> I liked her being funny and she being sexual in nature but less those act of touching herself. mwehehehe ;p

Adam DeVine's role Bumper Allen I got irritated with him making faces and he's stupidity! Haha! Uhm, if I'm a member of Treblemakers, I'd kick his ass. Imagine, he just left the group without thinking of the group's forthcoming events. He's got big head and he's so selfish, I hate Bumper. Anyways, he added color to the movie. He's really funny by nature. :) Lastly,

Jesse Swason (Skylar Astin) he's got the voice! Hell, yeah! He's outgoing and extroverted. I'd be glad to meet a man like him. *winks* ;)

Haven't watched it yet? Get pitch slapped!

Pitch Perfect 2!

Disclaimer: Photos from brother google :p

Beca crush :D
The Barden Bellas on ICCA
Stacie dear 
The Treblemakers
Hana Mae Lee
Pitch Perfect Meme
mwehehe ;p

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