Sunday, March 24, 2013


Disclaimer: I personally own all the photos.
 Too lazy to put personal watermarks. Haha :)

Full body mirror shot
DORM nila :D
I'm gonna miss this filthy room :)
Basil and Kicko's bedrooom
At the entrance. So messy!
Basil's doodle at the wall :)))
It's cute :D
No Accounting class! Yey! ;)
I've been with my bed for days. Darn sickness 
And this is what welcome me when I entered the dorm!
HAHAHA. My oh-so sexy boyf! With only his boxers on! xD
Wonder how I did entered the building? Whose fingerprint I used? Hmm >:)
Last school day for the 2012-2013 second semester selca!
Another ;)
Photo grid : 40+ Instagram photo
My new display photo on Facebook but since I added some new friends, I changed muna. Baka hindi i-accept eh. Mehehe. :P

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