Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Mr. Tan,

I know, I know. You won't be able to see this. And that's the point why I decided to put it here. Mehehe.
Can you please go online and accept my request? HAHA. So eager, I am. :P
I am really found of your cute, cute face! Know why? That's because you really looks like my baby Minmin! I'm an Eyesmiles anyways! :'> #boicehere
It's first year first sem when I first saw you. So many first huh? ;)
Nathaniel Flores, my seatmate happened to be a common friend of us and he sometimes, most of the time rather, uses my phone to text you but he immediately deletes whatever he's sent you. Later on, I asked him for your number and he gave me, generously. Maybe because he know that I have a li'l crush on you! But sad to say, I didn't have enough courage to text you. Mehehe. :P So please, I really want to be friend with you and I thought that being Facebook friends isn't a bad choice for a start. I'm looking forward of getting the notification that you accepted my request. ;)

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