Monday, February 11, 2013


First photo: taken over a year ago @ Luneta Park, Manila
Second photo: taken last, last Sunday 02/03/'13 @ Luneta Park, Manila

I've changed. My French Horn too! Everything changes. :)

I miss my short, anime-like hair from 2011. Darn! I want it back but I also don't want to cut my hair now. Bipolar me? HAHAHA And besides, sayang naman ang new hair color ko, Chestnut! :)
So yes, I got a new hair color last Saturday and it's Chestnut supposed to be red though. Ugh :(
Red is not available on the Salon I managed to go to so I settled with Chestnut. Maybe after a few months, I'll color it red. Hihihi. I really want my hair RED. :)
I'll post a new selca of my Chestnut hair maybe this weekend. ;)

My Frech Horn!
Formerly James, inspired by the name of Harlene's brother, James, now Eevee, a Pokemon! HAHAHA
My boyfie named it and I named his Trombone Totti :)
I love it! ;>

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