Thursday, February 07, 2013


So there, I missed it! I missed yesterday's event. Sta. Maria Town Fiesta's grand parade.
I'm with my band last year even though it's only in the afternoon, I'm still with them!
But yesterday I didn't able to make it. It is my midterm examinations in BMK at 11:30 at with my History at 15:00. I hate it! I really, really hate it! Maybe next, next semester, I won't get my BCO enrolled at an MWF sched. HAHAHA. :)
And I wanna shout to the world how my band performed yesterday. They are so damn good! I assure you! At the moment the video at the La Tore is posted, I'll share it here. And you must watch it.
I'm so proud of them all. The fruit of every sweat that we perspire is clearly seen. Good job, guise! I am so proud of you! ;)
Lastly, congratulations and thanks to Jayson, our assistant conductor, who is burning in fever but didn't let them so stand alone. You know how we thank you, Jay. We love you much so get well NOW. :))

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