Saturday, February 02, 2013


"I really love that song."

"I'm in love!"

"Let's make love."

There's a lot of talk about love. But what is it, really?

Love. According to psychologists, the most basic human need is to love and be loved. There is no power greater than love. It can motivate people to do things for others they wouldn't normally do.

Veronica Flores & Elmer Ruel Guballa 
But if love is such a beautiful thing, so essential to life, why is there so little of it in the world? The answer is simple. True love is more than a sentimental, gushy feeling. Love is a decision, a choice we can make.

The greatest demonstration of love is to give our life for the person we love. God did that. Even before we were born, He demonstrated His great love for us when He gave His only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins so we could have forgiveness and eternal life in Him. That is what love is. It gives, selflessly, even sacrificially. It unconditionally provides for the one that is loved.

This kind of love comes only from God. God's very being is love. When we rebel against God by setting up our own value system, rejecting his authority, we lose the very source of true love - God.
Away from its source, love becomes temporary. It becomes selfish and demanding. It takes, rather than gives.

God's love gives and forgives. It is constant, dependable, and lasting. it fulfills and it satisfies and deepest need.

When we connect with God, His love enables us to love others as He loves, even our enemies. We can love others without expecting or demanding in return.

This kind of love is for real. It can be ours when we connect with God through His son Jesus, then His love will flow freely through our hearts to others.

Source: Book of Hope for more good words you can visit their site!


  1. hello
    it's true
    god is love
    one love that is no end
    but it is very far from me...

  2. Oh hi sweetie! What made you say that God's love is very far from me? Maybe you're going trough something, but I know, God loves you and He's with you whenever and where ever..