Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Inauguration of Emperador Stadium at McKinley Hill, The Fort

February 12, 2012 Inauguration of Emperador Football Stadium located at McKinley Hill, The Fort in Taguig.
We stand for more than an hour in the middle of the field and it's freakin' hot!
I'm really thirsty but when I saw Phil Younghusband, I forgot that I am thristy. HAHAHA!
But later on, we're all crying for water that turned to Funeral Water -____-
The field's left wing
The right wing
Jameela, Veronica Flores and Mica
Jameela, Me and Mica 
Jigs, Mica and Joshua
Jigs, Mica and Joshua
Jayson? No! That's Joshua, Mica then Me
Joshua or Jayson? HAHA :)
Kuya Glen
ME! Latest selca.
Modelling my brand new colored hair.
Jameela, Me and Mica @ the Venice, West McKinley, The Fort
Eevee, my French Horn
Yesterday's snacks. While watching Phil Younghusband :">
Tacos, a slice of sandwich, cherry tart pie, baked mac 'n cheese and I dunno that round with meat in the middle that I picked in the bouffet. 

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