Thursday, February 28, 2013


We celebrated our 21st month of relationship yesterday, February 27. Actually, we don't celebrate literally. Hahaha. :) Simply because it's a weekday and most specially, it's a Wednesday, a day that our schedules won't meet, eh? Haha. But since last Tuesday was a bang, I won't force or insist that we should meet.
Because I was so kilig, I wanna share what happened last Tuesday..
It's my vacant from 12nn to 3pm because we don't have our regular rehearsal since the theater's lobby was occupied, what I did was to take the quiz in my BST that I missed last Friday because I was late, darn traffic jam! I finished by 2pm and I really wanna go home, lock inside my room and sleep. I don't feel good. My head hurts, I feel dizzy and my right just so damn hurts. I was texting him by then. He told me that it's better if I'll go home na and he asks if there's someone who can accompany me home, but sadly, Micah already went home so there's no one could. It's already 3pm so I decided to attend my Humanities class, which I'm so lazy to attend maybe because it's an advance subject. Few minutes later, he texted me that he will just change clothes and maybe after 5 minutes or so, he said that he's on his way na. There, I told him that I already am inside the class, after that, I don't hear a thing from him. I thought that he might gone home to the dorm again, because it's only almost 3:30 and my class would end by 4:30. By past 4:00. I think, we are being dismissed by our professor and so I texted him, "Umuwi ka na ba?", I asked, then he replied "Dito ako sa recto gate".. I smiled at the thought, he waited for an hour for me, AGAIN! Akala ko, ihahatid nya lang ako hanggang sa bus station.. but to my surprise sasamahan nya na daw ako. :"> We both know how the heck the traffic in Bocaue exit is, so he said na kung sobrang traffic, pagdating sa Bocaue, babalik na s'ya and I agreed. So we're there, at Bocaue exit, and the traffic is beyond "long". And to my surprise again, he did not left me, I stayed quiet because I also don't want him to go. Mehehe. It's 7pm when we got home, I mean at our home, it's too late, I thought. Pero nag stay pa s'ya with me and decided to go back to Manila by 9pm. Pinigilan ko s'ya cos I'm worried eh, pero ayaw magpapigil kaya di ko na pinilit. Haha! He arrived at the dorm by 11pm.

What I wanna say is that I have a wonderful and caring and thoughtful and sweet and loving boyfriend that I'd never want to let go. I love you, Bibi dear! :)) ♥

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