Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hello there! It's already past two in the morning and I'm still wide awake. Ho!
Still sitting in front of the monitor and fighting the urge to scream out of kilig. Hihihi. I'm watching MVs of my favorite Korean Band, CN Blue, though I only knew two K Bands, CN Blue and F.T. Islands both under FNC Music. CN Blue released it 4th mini album last January 14 and FYI it swept all music charts since then! It's title song is I'm Sorry and the song is just askldshglshfiadjag. Argh! I can't say a word to describe it! And so far, the album's track list is my favorite. I'm Sorry, La La La, A Man Like You, Where You Are, Coffee Shop and Na Geudae Boda, they are all good, I mean GOOD! I missed listening to baby Yong's and  Jong Hyun's voice because it's almost a week since the last time I used my Samsung Galaxy Y phone, it's batt is damage (it's only 1 year, yeah! that fast! -.-) so I decided not to use it muna for the mean time but now my Bibi gave me his spare batt, so it's partyyy time!

So here I am, illegally downloading MVs and MP3s of my babies new songs. And also some of Taylor's. I'm planning of refreshing my play list, delete some and add many! I love music. I'm a music lover. *u*
I am currently addicted to K music these days. My favorite band is CN Blue, my favorite girl group is T-Ara, yes I'm a queen, next to T-Ara is SNSD or Girl's Generation, my favorite boy group is the dorky B1A4, Jinyoung babes, next to B1A4 is Big Bang and then INIFINITE, baby. Maybe after this semester I'll find time to make posts about why I like B1A4 more than SuJu and the like. 'kay? ;)

I seriously have nothing to say it's just I want to update my Sun Shine. kekekeke. I guess I need to sleep na. I've reached my quota of 15 songs and 5 MVs na. Hihi. And I need to wake up as early as I could to do the household since I'll be leaving by the afternoon. We have an alumni's rehearsal to my secondary alma mater. I just hope that it will be productive, I dowanna waste my time. Sheesh!

Bonne nuit!❤

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