Tuesday, January 29, 2013

She told me that if I wanna say something to her, I should say it to her face. Does she expect me to do it when she, herself, can't do it? I was shocked when I heard the news and even beyond shock when I saw that girl's post. I wanna return the question, does it make you pretty saying such? I dunno why they're acting like that when it comes to me. When I told her I'm sorry, I mean it and I already stopped stalking her from that moment. It seems that she's the one who's stalking now. Now is the only time, after asking for apology, that I speak about her. Everything that I posted or tweeted between the period has nothing to do with her! They seem to have a very, very, very wild imagination. Talking like I've put a cockroach on your food when in fact, you know nothing because it is not meant for you or your pals. I don't think you look like Dora. Do you have that short hair? And also, as stated in my tweet, "kung ano-ano kasing sinasabi mo tungkol sakin" if you felt guilty does it mean that you're saying things at my back? I don't want to fire up this cresset you've lighten up.

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