Monday, January 07, 2013


It's nearly two years and you all haven't still moved on? Don't you dare tell me that you have moved on. You keep on sending us unethical text messages and you keep on posting photos and status (with the use of grammar that's even worse than mine) that are clearly reflecting the rumors that you are spreading. I pity you all, seriously. You are all pathetic. Boy, I am so ashamed that you're my cousin, first blood cousins. Are you not getting tired with all your shits? Are you not ashamed of your acts? BLAH.
I just wanna say that YOU, ALL OF YOU, can't break us because you just can't.
We all know YOU deep bone that of the 10 things you said, 11 were lies.
It will be a great help to YOU and your men if you'll just move on and stop looking at that moment in the past. You can never bring the old us back again.