Saturday, November 17, 2012


So I still don't have in hand the photos from my 18th birthday party and I have no freaking idea when will the photograher who covered my party will bring the CD so I can choose which should be in the album. So here, I'm just gonna share some the gifts that I received of course aside from cash. HAHA!

Blogger's Note: This is a very long post that looks like a photo album. HAHAHA!
                          ** I got so lazy that some of the gifts are not posted here. :P

Yayy! These gifts looked like they are dumped by whom-I-don't-know. HAHA! :))
I love opening gifts. It excites me. ;)

First on the list are gifts from my girlfriends. Wea, Clarice, Elbbi (@elbbipat) and Cathy.
I dunno whether to be angry or to laugh. Gah!
It's tangerin statement shirts which they chose the ones that reflect my personality, perfectly. xD
Thank you, girlfriends! ;)
That's Wea's legs and feet anyways.
A Tomato fuchsia watch from my cousin.
This' from Maro whose @xiimaro on twitter! A close friend of mine.
It's a Parisian sling bag.
I love it girl. Thanks! ;)
I also receive some. ;)
One's from Judge Manny Tonchiongco, pardon if I spelled it incorrectly.
I got this very soft and fluffy blanket from miss @jhenuncovered.
Honestly, I'm now using it. It's very comfortable and warm. :)
A throw pillow!
In color combination of pink and purple and it has my name on it, spelled correctly!
Yaaay! I love that! :)))
It's from @xiimaro's mommy anyways. ;)
Two pillow cases that also has my name on it!
Yiieee.. I really like those, I think it's so sweet and thoughtful.
Though it's pink. XD
I got this from ate Joanne Labrador, she's he sissy of my buddy Jester.
I love the way it's presented, simple but very lovely.
It's a vintage necklace and a rosary pad.
I'll treasure these!
Hah! This dress is from Norman and Ace.
I love it. The only dress I received. :)))
This is a NAFNAF blouse from Patrick Noel whom you can follow on twitter @TheMayorPAT!
I haven't worn a blouse like this before so I'm excited to use this!
A Denise see-through blouse from Ryssa Ramiscal.
I always loved to have one. Thanks! ;)
A tiger looked like blouse from @divineagnes!
A bracelet slash watch from ate Joy.
A Victoria Secret lotion from Tita Lorna. :)
It smells so good. ;P
Purple body towel from Jayson de Jesus! ;)
A BNY JNS from Angelito Reyes. yaay! HAHAHA!
A good friend of mine and my very first ex! XD
A very, very lovely sleeping terno from my sissy! :)))
A small sling bag. It's pretty and simple. ;)
Another sling bag.
A Marks&Spencer lotion from I don't know. HAHA!
It's a terno. A party outfit. HAHA!
It's a mini skirt that is above the knee cut and a blouse that's  elbow length.
I'm gonna use this when the occasion calls for it.
Thank you Jessica for these! :)
A Verde Veronica Cardigan!
Gosh! I bet this is quiet expensive. I dunno who's this from but thank you really.
I can use this with Jessica's gift, yes the one above this.
I matches the skirts color naman eh. :)
On the upper left part is a Bench Inspire perfume.
On the other side is a Sweet Honestly perfume.
And on the bottom is a Gucci Envy Me perfume and a ballpen holder. :)
On that vintage-like box is a streling silver bracelet and a flower earring -from Jonina.
Got it last Wednesday I think.
And the other one is also an earring, a heart shaped one -from Joshua Rigor.
A university band mate of mine.
A Yellow polo shirt from Jomarri & Family..
A Green shoulder bag from Lola Miling..
and a Canopy Style pillow case (pink again!) :))
A Shea Body Butter by The Body Shop from Tita Lulu..
A brown and pink colored umbrella from Baby Yael!
And two bench & bath towels.
Beddings from Tita Ched, my boyfie's mum!
An Eiko accessory! From nay Aiyra Rung. :)
A cake, again!
It's from FISH as it say so. HAHA!
It's actually from @emmans I just call him by 'fish' before.
A pair of throw pillow, it's a Minnie and a Mickey! ;)
A red shoulder converted to sling bag from @justgwenn ;)
And a plain white cute shoulder bag. :)
A purple polo shirt from Patrick & Family and two everyday shorts. ;)
This one's from Mr. Jigs Reigo de Dios.
Obviously, it's a personalize shirt which has the logos of Eat, Sleep and Play French Horn.
It's very cute! :)
Artwork shirts!
Yeeey! It's on my wish list. ;)
The one on the left is from Cryzha and the other one is from Aira.
Thank you friends! ;)
Another Artwork stuff but this time it's a sando. :)
From Christia, Miklo and Francis.
It's a very lovely and fashionable jewelry kit. :)
It's now full. HAHA!
Yes, that's B1A4 on the background. :P
From Tita Julie Alonzo..
A big purple Parisian bag. ;)
Marks & Spencer fuchsia polo shirt from Tita Glo. ;)
I got two Nicholas Sparks'! Yeyy! :))
The Rescue from ate Haizel (@atchoooyyy) and
The Guradian from 'nay Aiyra (@aiyrarung) again. :D
A Novel entitled Eleven Minutes written by Paulo Coelcho who also wrote The Alchemist.
It's from @leyaaM
The greeting card is addressed to Kang Min Hyuk's wife! HAHAHA!
And the sender is Jung Yong Hwa's wife. Fangirlliiiing! ;))
Fifty Shades Trilogy!
It's from my college friends! Hooot!
Thank you guys! ;)))
So there.. my first book collection! :) 

These Von Dutch tee and Stitch is from my loving boyfie @elmgubs!:))
Hihihi. :"> It's so lovely.. :p
On the tag says "Happy Birthday Bibi Dear... I Love You! ♥ "Very sweet isn't it? :">


  1. Wow you got a lot of stuff! Happy Birthday! :)