Saturday, November 03, 2012

Belated Greetings!

I wanna greet this good looking (at night) man of mine a belated Happy Birthday!

So you just turned 20 and I'm only 17. I accuse you for mentally, verbally, emotionally and physically bullying me! Just kidding! I know I'm the bully one on our relationship. Hoho. >:D

I wanna say sorry for spoiling the mood on your day. :(
I also wanna say sorry for being such a stubborn girlfriend, can't help it eh. :P

Thank you for spending last last night with me. ♥
You don't know how much it means to me. Even if you made me wake up for not less than seven times from 12mn-to-7am, it's been such a wonderful sleep. It'll be one of the most peaceful sleeps I've ever had.

*I love it when every time I wake up, you'll hug me closer.

*I love it when you kiss me on the tip of my nose and on my forehead.
*I love it when the first thing you said in the morning was an 'I love you, Dear'. ♥

Happy birthday Bibi! ♥
I Love You, Bibi! :)) 

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