Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busy as a bee

Semestral break for a total of three weeks. Three weeks that I don't have to wake up before four in the morning, no traffic jam to deal with, no lessons to review, to make it simple, three-weeks-stress-free!
Yet I feel so tired, physically, mentally and emotionally. This preparation for my debut makes me physically tired, every single day. I have to care about the preparation of the invitations and distributions of it, souvenirs,  sound mobile, the band and many more. Gosh! It's exhausting. At night I think about the expenses that we incurred and about to incur, I'm having the second thought of perpetration of my birthday celebration. It costs a lot! I mentioned that I am also emotionally tired, well, partially. I waited for almost twelve hours for even a goddamn single text message, and I waited for nothing! A single text message of one hundred and sixty characters will only cost a penny. He got himself to spend more than a hundred pesos to go on a movie and he can't spend a single peso for a text message? Gah! I am thinking that I am not worth even a penny, that spending a peso for me will hurt your pocket or will bring a damage on your budget, you put that on my mind! I don't want to talk about it anymore. It brings irritation to me and I don't want to say anything when I'm irritated. YOU won't like what you're gonna hear.

Ciao, for now.

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