Friday, June 29, 2012

The Party

A friend of mine happened to celebrate her 18th birthday. The turning point of her childhood to her womanhood. Guess what message I gave her, I told her "Jhonna (that's the way I call her) uhm, you're now 18. And we all know that it's legal age so I advise you not to jump over a good looking guy and rape him. You can be now put to jail."  I'm a sweet friend, isn't it? Haha.
And the party served as a mini reunion for me and my high school pals! The night was great!
                                                  Parisian Blue stilletos ; one of my choices.
                                  Black Rusty Lopez stilletos ; the one that I wore during the party.
                             Even if I love the blue one, I'm comf'table wearing these so I settled. :)

Hey You Just Met Me!
Yes that's me on the above photo on Black Genevieve Gozum dress.

Marni, I, Christian and Jasmin.
Marni, Jhonna (the celebrator)  and I. (blurry)

After the party...
With my high school pals...
Pardon for the epic faces!
We're just happy to see each other again and it's so nice that high school was just like yesterday.
God knows how much I missed them!

PS: I'm on red shirt here.


  1. "marni" is lika Indonesian name, what se is Indonesian people?

  2. ang cute ng friendship nyo! :-)

  3. Hi guys! Thanks for dropping by and to your comments. :)

    Petter: Okay, I'll check it out.

    Han: She's not an Indonesian. Her parents just gave her a weird name. Haha. X)

    Lemon: Thank you!:))) Iba talaga yung old friends..:))

  4. hohoho,

    you know what?,
    if in Philippines that is a weird name

    in Indonesia it was a funny name, hohohohoho

    convey to Marni, I like her, hehehe

  5. And may I know what does Marni means there? XD

  6. Marni is only a name,

    no means,
    but the name sounds old here, :D