Wednesday, April 11, 2012


There will be a summer music camp this coming April 16 - 29 and it will be held somewhere in Makiling. And the facilitators held and will held another audition to minimize the number of participants. The first audition day is yesterday April 10 and the next one will be held tomorrow April 12, both at the National Museum.

I went there yesterday just after I enrolled for my summer class, together with Elmer, Jayson and Angelito. I went there to give them moral support, especially to Elmer. I did not took the audition since the camp will occupy dates of my summer class and I am also sure that I can't make it in the auditions. (YES, I am a pessimistic kind of person and this is how I used to be.) But I am still considering of taking the audition tomorrow, just for experience, and if ever, just if ever I make it there well, it's an achievement for me.


I'm sure that he can make it in the audition and definitely will join that 2-weeks summer camp. Ergo, he will be away for that soo-looong period of time. Last night when I am thinking of the thought.. it feels like... "WTF! 2 weeks?! 14 days?! 336 hours?! duuuuuuuuuuh. -_____________-  Okay Nikka, you're OA." I will really really really miss him, for sure! Ugh. >.< I can't say that it pisses me off because I can see that he is really happy with it and he really loves what he does. It's just I can't help to feel a little bit sad.
As his girl, I'm supporting him in what he want. I am saying here that it is a must for me to do so because I am his girl and I am not doing this just because I need to 'cause hey, I also love what I do. Seeing him being happy makes me happy, too. I love what I do as much as I love him.

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