Monday, April 02, 2012

Light in Shade

"If you could pass my logic, I can't take it if you will not make it in Accountancy and in the board exam. Because my logic is not like to that of the other professor's. They don't know how to teach symbolic logic. I bet you surely can make it in Accountancy since Accounting is more of understanding. Remember that your Logic is quiet above them all." -Prof. Richard Verania

Those where the words that Prof. Richard Verania uttered on our last day of meeting him in the class.
I am glad that I did make it in my Logic (Logic with Introduction to Philosophy) class.

I never thought of hearing words like that from this professor.
For the entire semester he is very strict, cold and hi-profile. He never show us that he could be good to us until that very last day of our Logic class.

Prof. Verania is very known in the university.
He is the only one to master teaching symbolic logic. 
Some professor are sometimes joining his class or what we call sit-in to hear his lecture. 
He computes grade in the system of 40% for assignments, quizzes, and seatworks and 60% for the major exams, so if you fail on the major exam, don't think that you still can make it.
He doesn't give so much considerations when it comes to gradings.

There is a point that he has this student major in Accounting and she is in her last year in the course. She is just taking up review subjects and this minor Logic. To her surprise she didn't make it. She didn't graduate. Another thing, there are students that took Logic for 3 semesters because he is always the assigned prof! Aaaah!
It's devastating, isn't it?
That's why I am so happy that I did make it

I did not mention those things to make his image bad or whatsoever, I am just proud of those people that also passed the subject.

  I am already losing hope with my course because it gets more difficult semester after semester. But thanks a lot to his words, I am enlightened. ;)


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