Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Her Day

Today, April 12.
A date when a precious baby was born and grown to be a beautiful lady!
It's more or less 7 years since I met her and from that day, she gave me a billion reasons to smile.
And now, it's her day, it's my turn to atleast make her smile. I hope I can make her smile although I don't have any gift to give her. :P
Okaay, let's all sing to her..

Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. 
Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday.. 
Happy Birthday to you!! :))
Since I don't want to be dramatic, I decided to edit some pictures of you! :))
Tres Marias
♔ Tricia
♔ Maro
♔ Nikka
Got the photo from the album of your 18th birthday. :)
It seems like it's only just yesterday, isn't it?
'tol you're growing old? Ney, you're growing Up! :))
Family picture of her's, but since it's her day.. I put emphasis on her. Haha!
Oh geez! This is us! Haha!
We're both pretty, right? Right? RIGHT?! Hmm. Kfine. Haha. :P
I know she's the only one pretty here. :p

Happy Happy Birthday Maro!
I super duper extremely love you! ALAM MO YAN! ;))
I'm hoping for the best for you and for your happiness @MAKatiCity. Haha. LOL!
Peace! Happy Birthday again! :)) ♥ ♥

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