Friday, April 13, 2012

Hate It Yet Miss It

Riding the LRT or the Light Rail Transit.
Taking the LRT on my way to somewhere is actually no big deal, since I don't YET have my own wheels to drive I need to commute. And taking the LRT is one of the most convenient but not expensive.

The other day (April 10), when I went to my University to enroll for the summer classes I took the LRT for the ride. It's convenient nga kasi. :P

Asking what made me hate taking the LRT for ride?
It is when the passengers are pushing each other just to make themselves fit in.
Holy crap! We're like sardines here!
Shoulders to shoulders. Elbows to elbows. That's the scenario.
The scenario that makes me wanna scream "Damn it! Where's your manners? FVCK IT!"
Oh well, enough said..

And now.. curious about what made me miss that o_O scenario?
I miss it when we're there standing in the middle of the train attentively he envelopes me in his arms to protect me from the crashing crowd. And then he'll ask, "Okay ka lang? (Are you alright?)" I'll just nod and smile as an answer and then he'll give the that sweet smile and give ma a kiss in my forehead.

*End of Story

It is not a big thing but it makes my heart dance in the rain. C;

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  1. that's a part of a day or of our life, that we miss often...