Friday, March 30, 2012

Summer Class

I am thinking of enrolling this summer for advance subjects.
Prolly because I'm afraid that I can't make it in the incoming semester if I will not have advance of atleast 2 subjects.
In Accountancy at my university we have this 2 policy, meaning we have to get the grade of 2 in our minor subjects such as Mathematics of Investment, Business Calculus, Economics with Land Reform and Taxation, and Politics and Governance (with Philippine Constitution). And also a grade not lower than 2.5 in Financial Accounting and Reporting which is our major subject. Plus maintaining a cumulative GWA (general weigh average) of 2.50.

BS Accountancy is not an easy course and what makes it more hard is the grade ceiling that we have.
And also I am wondering why some universities don't give Accounting subjects to their Accounting studs in their first yr in the university. Enrolled in BS Accountancy without any Accounting subjects at all? I bet that sucks. And one more thing that irritates me is about taking Financial Accounting in our 2nd year while others take it when they are already 3rd year in the course. *sighs

Good luck to me and my colleagues!

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