Thursday, March 08, 2012

Day Break

After those brain bleeding examinations during the midterm week..
Let's have a break!
LEGGO! :)))
Loreland Farm Resort
Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines

                                     Take a look at the resort!

The place is very relaxing.. since Antipolo is a highland place, the breeze of the air is cold!
You will surely enjoy if you want to relax. There are a lot of trees and the it's very affordable!
If you want to talk a closer look just click here.
I assure you that every single cent and effort we gave is worth it!

Pictures will prove the happiness and enjoy-ness that we had. :))
Say Hello to Loreland! :)
So guys, what are you trying to show? Peace yo! :D
Justine & his' girl, Michelle. :)

The guys are playing pool at the hall.
As you can see, along the staiiiiirs. :D
Justine, why so happy huh? ^^
Sissy, so emotic. Haha!
Well, do I have the talent with photography? (:
Dane and Jao, hungry much? :D
Me and my sissy, Irish. :)
It's sad that mommy Aiyra didn't able to make it. :(
At the children's pool.

Group shot! :D
Cholo, having his moment while singing some Gary Valenciano's songs.
Well, it suits his voice.
Dane :)
They're just happy. :D
Me, Anelle and Jao.
Jao looks mad, isn't he?

TOP (L to R) Me, Jaja, Anelle, Dane, Michelle, Justine, Nathaniel and Louie
LOWER LEVEL (L to R) Cholo, Irish, Jao, Cyrus and Jolly

Caution!! Picture Madness!

Anelle and I.
By the way, Anelle works as a teen super model! :)

On our way home. :)

Ohw, you tired? :P

OH! :X

SMILE! ;">

Let's emote! HAHA!
Anelle said that I have the talent with modeling. Such a compliment. Haha!

Just us. :D

Jolly and I.
I find this picture a little bit yucky but funny! Haha!

Sometimes all you have to do is have a break! :D


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  1. i am in a hunt for a good resort for our outing this past days, and loreland in one of our choices.